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    [SOLVED] AMD 5700g screen flashes black for a second

    I've been experiencing some CPU instability. (I think) Every once in a while my screen turns black for a second. I found out I can force this behaviour by running mprime. Firstly, mprime gets stuck at test 1 and shortly after the screen starts flashing black every 30 seconds or so. This...
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    [SOLVED] Changing refresh rate to 74.99 Hz causes black screen on login

    I'm experiencing a weird problem with my new build. AMD Ryzen 5700G Fatal1ty B450 Gaming-ITX/ac (BIOS 4.60) Corsair vengeance CL16 3600 mhz PNY 500 GB NVME M.2 I've tried installing several distros: Pop OS Ubuntu Nix OS Manjaro I even tried with a different motherboard (gigabyte A520I AC)...