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    How do I auto-run a script when I change User?

    Mint 20.04, Ryzen 5-4500: Hi, I am developing (Lazarus-FPC) some bespoke internal+external email-software for my Son's business and I need to isolate it from the Internet while testing. I have created a Standard-User "Test" to work there and I need it to crash at "no Internet" to handle errors...
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    Kernel 5.9.1 slow switching TTY users

    Linux Mint 20.0.4, Lenovo Flex 5, Ryzen 5 4500, 16GB, 512GB-SSD -- always up to date I have to use a Kernel later than Ubuntu/Mint maintained stock 5.4.xx as it would not recognize external monitors with the Ryzen CPU. Starting with Kernel 5.6.xx it all worked fine so I kept updating to the...