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    mass convert flac / ape / wv + cue to fdk with one command???

    G'day @bigbanana69 and welcome to linux.org :) I am not an audiophile myself, but one of our more prominent Members, as well as being a Scripting Guru, is also a musician. By mentioning his name, I am "pinging" him and he may swing by when he can. @JasKinasis If Jas has an idea that involves...
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    Swiss Army knife Linux

    THat is so. antiX is run by anticapitalista and they collaborated with members of the former Mepis Community to provide the MX-series. I have been using MX since v14, and like Karl Malden (who?) wouldn't leave home without it. Be aware that it is more closely linked to Debian than Ubuntu and...
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    Need help with hard drive corruption, Urgent.

    G'day @copperly and welcome to linux.org :) I am not much up on hardware but I can ask a couple of questions that might help others assist. How much RAM does the Lenovo have, and is it in the form of two or more sticks? If so, you can remove and replace one stick at a time and determine if...
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    Desktop Locks Up

    I knew that :), it was the ... I was referring to, it is available for Slackware, and very useful. Wiz
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    New to this forum

    G'day @ReginaBob ... I won't say welcome to linux.org because you've already been here for quite a while, but never too late to say Hi here :) So share the love ... what was the screensaver program? Cheers Chris Turner wizardfromoz
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    Join two hard drives in "/" directory

    Thanks for that info, @kashyr :) I have a lot of head nodding in the points raised by the 3 Members above, at #es 14, 13, and 12. I have your 'Beaver GNOME' in my stable (run 90 Linux), and I have been working on some figures. Can you find your way to Terminal (Ctrl-Alt-t) and provide me with...
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    Dual Monitor Low Resolution on one monitor

    Just caught up with this one Eugor, back my time tomorrow :D Wiz
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    Join two hard drives in "/" directory

    May disagree, but with provisions. G'day @kashyr and welcome to linux.org :) (Wizard appears in a puff of smoke) Can you tell us: 1. What Linux you are using? Version, Desktop Environment &c 2. Is this your first Linux or do you have experience? Cheers BTW @dos2unix ... LOVE that new...
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    syntax error near unexpected token ('

    G'day @mantingfeng and welcome to linux.org :) I am moving this Thread to Command Line, where questions on scripting are better answered. Good luck Chris Turner wizardfromoz
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    Desktop Locks Up

    BTW @VP9KS - Paul if you can find inxi of use you can up on it here https://smxi.org/docs/inxi.htm and you will be better placed to decide on either of the following sites if you wish to download https://slackware.pkgs.org/14.2/slackonly-i486/inxi-2.3.23-noarch-1_slonly.txz.html and...
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    Desktop Locks Up

    OK, thanks. Well I see from the inxi output that you have the 7750 now installed. Monitor it (or I could say "TV it") for any further lockups. If they reappear, we'll follow through with the info on that new one on the mobo and the #M260-VA with the Visio. And if it doesn't lock up after say...
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    Touchpad Keeps Stops Working While Using Keyboard

    Thanks for the output Adam. Before we go on, I would strongly urge you to install Timeshift and run a full, on demand snapshot, if you have not already done so. We don't want to brick an otherwise good working system without a fallback. And there are so many variables with audio/video, wifi...
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    Help ex put linux on my laptop and now it doesnt work

    Well, you've got two (Tux the) Penguins and a Wizard (Likes) from Brian and Stan and I, so you can see we've all been rooting for you. :D That's great news. Before I go on and suggest a few housekeeping tasks to assign to your Lubuntu, I'll tell you the most important one. UFW is the...
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    Setup porn

    Hard to beat those old Dell, Tom ... Elaine and I had about 10 years straight with them, then after disasters with HP, Acer and Asus we looked at each other and said "Back to Dell". :D Fair enough, Mate ... I had not heard of it but that is not unusual given my age, and I trust you. ;) If it...
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    Setup porn

    Porn ... is pornographie , Mate Any better suggestions? Wiz