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  • Wizard busy as a blue-arsed fly to Wednesday 14 Feb. If you need him, call Secretary & book, take 3 aspirin, be prepared to wait a little.
    Hello Mr. Chris.
    I wanted to tip my hat at someone dang near as gray headed as I. LOL
    Are we the silver haired members of the community?
    Have not started using Linux yet, still in the process of establishing a good and reliable system. Due to the EXCELLENT assistance from this one and another known as Moderator, atanere. I THANK the FORUM as well as these two (2) for their kind thoughtful Assistance.
    Hey Buddy,
    I sure miss you over at Bleeping Computer. I searched all over the internet to find you and I am glad I found you here. I belong to at least half a dozen different Linux forums but I had to join this one just to say hi to you. I will look around and see if this one interests me.

    Have a good day buddy.

    Your Junior Linux Buddy,
    Still working out the protocols here, eg PMs but I'll duplicate this to your profile. My email is [email protected], where we can talk more. My wife Elaine, who is sitting opposite me playing Solitaire joins me in being thrilled to hear from you, Junior. Later. Chris
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