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    Attempting to reinstall, unable to boot even from USB

    Hi all Running 18.04 on an Intel NUC89xx, extremely new to the whole thing. Somewhere along the line I've screwed up some graphics drivers, I guess, I had a UID 121 error on startup which I couldn't overcome. Anyway no dramas I've got backups for the few files I had on there, I'll just...
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    Touchscreen monitor drivers / distros

    Would you warrant it. The monitor didn't even register on xinput, no mention at all. So maybe the input isn't passed over HDMI? Let's try plugging in the gorram USB cord hey? Whoop, problem solved. #wehaveliftoff Although this seems a little convoluted to me; the mouse is obvious and so I guess...
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    Touchscreen monitor drivers / distros

    PEOPLE OF THE FUTURE: Ubuntu 18.04 supports the Acer T232HL. You do however need to connect both the HDMI cable AND the USB for visual and touch respectively. --- Hi all. Firstly I'm a total Linux noob, sick of Windows and wanted to do something different; have literally just now assembled my...