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    I love the Linux desktop, but that doesn't mean I don't see its problems all too well.

    The Linux desktop has come a long way over the past 5-10years... I still feel like there has been significant improvements over user experience. It might not be as popular as Windows on PCs, but it is much further along than it ever was. I also feel like the steam deck will push the envelope...
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    Linux popularization

    Just for some perspective. I use Linux as my daily driver, I was a Windows user for 16+ years but in the last year, I've converted to Linux, and I am happier on this side of the fence vs being on Windows. I do still use Windows for gaming, but mainly for games that dont work well on Linux, I...
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    Post a screenshot of your Desktop

    Been a while since I posted my updated desktop:
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    RHEL9, Can Rocky Keep up?

    I agree with @SlowCoder, every company I ever worked at, would never implement the latest features in production, this is mainly to avoid the risk of potential bugs that impact production. So having the Rocky Linux distro a few weeks or even months behind, to me does not sound like a big deal...
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    Installing and using Virt Manager on Raspberry Pi

    I am just guessing here... it looks like you're trying to boot up with EFI in Qemu/KVM, have you installed the EFI bios for virt manager as well? From what I remember, that was an additional package I needed to download and install before I could my VMs using EFI to boot.
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    Pretty good Fedora 36 review

    I love Gnome, use it as my DE and I find Gnome 42 is a lot better than previous version. I also find the performance with Gnome to be great.
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    Windows 11 Gaming in VirtualBox

    I think if we can get anti-cheat software working in Linux like it works in Windows, a lot of games would work on Linux with Proton and would not need to be played on Windows. I would not personally play on a virtual machine, especially Windows 11 on a Virtual Box, but I can see maybe some...
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    Should linux users buy windows games?

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    Fedora release

    Same here, been using it for a few days now, works great!
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    Stuck on Kubernetes install.

    Can you post the link to the article you're following?
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    Hello from Croatia

    Welcome to the forums! :)
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    I agree 100% Linux for desktop has come along way, I can definitely confirm this because I have tried desktop Linux over the years and up until the last few years, I feel like desktop Linux has made so much progress that it is at a point that you can definitely use Linux as a desktop OS in many...
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    Installing Games on Linux

    My understanding is that there are mainly 2 ways of installing games on Linux. 1. Installing Linux native games directly on Linux without any type of API translation 2. Using something like WINE to run windows games which essentially does API call translation from Windows as these are windows...
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    Why Does The Wizard Use So Many Distros?

    I dont think I've seen anyone multi-boot that many distros, but I guess it makes sense if you're doing testing and learning :) I try to do the same, but for Linux distros, I usually just run QEMU/KVM and install a bunch of VMs that run various different distros. I find the performance to be...
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    Brighten Up Your Day - GRUB Menu Theming Wizard-style

    Here’s mine :)