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    I cannot get on Netflix. Why?

    I had previously had Fedora and I couldn't get Netflix to work in Firefox on it. I gave up on Fedora because I had so many issues with it and went back to Neon. On Neon, I've had no issues watching Netflix or any other streaming service on Firefox. As @Condobloke says above, all you have to...
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    I cannot get on Netflix. Why?

    First of all you can give us some info. We’re not mind readers. What distro are you using? What error are you getting? I run a Ubuntu based OS and have no issues at all.
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    Unable to boot Ubuntu 18.04, stuck in grub bash

    It sounds like you haven't successfully booted up to Unbuntu since this reinstall, so you have nothing to lose if you run the install again. So I'd say do that. I've installed Linux a couple hundred times. Sometimes there are things that go wrong with it. Instead of spending hours trying to...
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    SFTP not working for 1 domain only on server

    There are multiple possibilities. What does "can no longer connect" mean? Are you getting time out errors? Authentication Denied errors? Does the server/domain respond to ping? Can you SSH to it? Do you have any physical access to verify that the SSH service is running? Is it possible...
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    You can use any Linux distro to do anything in Linux. They're all good, all have pretty much the same stuff available. I would suggest though, if you're getting into Linux to work at an enterprise doing some sort of support on Linux that you use a RedHat variant. Fedora and CentOS are...
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    Dual Boot With Windows

    I'm going to suggest using the link below to Grub-Repair. I've used it a couple times myself. I'd suggest downloading a copy of Ubuntu onto a pen drive, boot to it, then follow the instructions. I don't know much about Pop OS, you may not be able to add PPAs to it. But this should then fix...
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    Dual Boot With Windows

    Also, when you say you're going into the Bios, are you really going into it or are you just getting a boot menu by pressing F12? I have a Dell laptop that I bought a couple years ago and in the Bios, I have an option to choose what OS to boot to as the default. I dual boot as well, but by...
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    Dual Boot With Windows

    ok, re-reading your message. Sounds like it's always a manual step to boot to Linux, never remembers the setting. How did Pop OS get on your computer? Did you install it? If you did, when you were installing, did you tell it to update the boot record on SDA? How old is this computer?
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    Dual Boot With Windows

    I'm confused more now. You say in the original message "I would like to have the grub boot menu come up with the choice to boot Windows or Linux when the machine boots.". Then in this last message you say "To boot Linux I must go to Bios....Grub boot menu appears with choice to boot Windows or...
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    issues related to testing linux distros online

    Yeah, Meh, that website's probably good only to see what each of the different Linux desktops looks like. With a site like that, you're sending all kinds of data over the interent. If your connection or thiers isn't big enough to handle it, and depending on the technology they're using, you're...
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    Windows PCL XL Error in HP Printers It has too.

    Why are you sharing a Windows tutorial on a Linux forum?
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    Dual Boot With Windows

    I got that Mike could boot to either one, but maybe I'm wrong. Mike please explain more. Can you boot to both and if so, how do you do so without Grub? Did you just install Pop OS and now it just automatically boots to it without an option for Windows?
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    Dual Boot With Windows

    You don't have to position the the partition with Grub on it in any specific location. It could be at the beginning of the drive, middle or end. What matters is that the boot record is updated to point to it. So you say you have Pop OS installed. How do you boot to it if you don't have the...
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    I have a problem with bootable usb flash

    I'm curious why you installed gparted and then used the command line instead to do the work. Gparted is a gui tool for doing the work you typed later. Have you taken the steps outlined in the picture you posted above? Namely running chkdisk /f from your Windows computer? I think you'd...
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    File sharing

    You have to modify the file using elevated rights. In Windows, you have an account that can automatically elevate to admin by clicking that approve button in the popups. Some Linux apps allow this but most need to be started with elevated rights. So in order to edit the smb.conf file you need...