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    32 bit is it supported?

    As far as 32 bit goes, Ubuntu said they'd stop supporting it in 19.04 (I believe that's the version), however, they have now undone that decision and will support 32 bit again. You can read it at ZDNet, and probably other places...
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    Wizard's Nook ... Beware of the Three-Headed Dog. Tips, Tricks and a bit/byte of News.

    Very interesting title Wiz. I had no clue what the thread would be about :). But I like it, don't get me wrong. I noticed that you appear to have the same distro loaded a couple times, but with different desktops. Why did you do it that way, instead of loading multiple desktops on 1 distro...
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    Problem using ssh public keys with crontab on raspbarry pi

    Because you're doing this using a script and it works, we can definately eliminate issues with the command itself and the SSH key(s). So the issue must be with the rights of the account executing it in Cron. I'm not real familiar with Cron, so you may still need to do some research, unless...
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    No sound after upgrade to buster

    I'm going to assume that your desktop isn't routing the sound output to the correct device. I think the desktop settings can override the system settings sometimes. I know there's a file for everything in LInux, but I don't mess with the files too often and instead use the GUI (many years of...
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    Is there a simple solution to traffic shaping?

    Sorry, I didn't get that out of your question. It sounded like you needed to route traffic and were just mentioning the speed. Not sure how you do that. But I'm pretty sure it's possible with a router, so it should be possible using Linux as a router. I"m sure someone here can help.
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    Which is the best Linux For me?

    One other thing. About gaming. I've heard that there are some distros that are better for gaming than others. I think that may be less imporant now a days than it used to be. Valve has made some great strides in making Windows games run on Linux. Check out the posts from me on it here...
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    Which is the best Linux For me?

    Hello and welcome Akshit. I used Windows since it was 3.1, way back in 1993. I started growing bored with it during the XP days when I was introduced to Linux by my manager who was a Linux admin. Linux will be much faster on your computer than Windows and won't require you to upgrade hardware...
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    how to delete windows boot manager after installing linux

    Mr. Mushroom. You didn't actually say how you partitioned the hard drive nor have you said how many hard drives you have. If, like Atanere stated, do a new install and tell Linux to use the entire disk (and don't have a second disk) then it will completely wipe out anything WIndows related and...
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    Is there a simple solution to traffic shaping?

    I think what you're wanting is to setup your computer as a network Gateway. Check out this site https://www.techrepublic.com/article/installing-and-configuring-a-linux-gateway/
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    After 90 days of study, I am still learning but not sure what size USB drives to get

    When I write to the forum about advantages of Linux, I say 'one of the best things about Linux is' this or that feature. But you know what the absolute best thing about Linux is? It's the people. Here, especially at Linux.org, we have the best people trying to help out newbies and veterans...
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    increase wifi signal

    Are you sure the issue is with your computer and not your wifi itself? Older technologies are going to keep it from being faster. Also, older technologies get more bogged down with the more devices that start using it. So for instance, I believe 802.11b provides up to 11 Mbits. If you have 5...
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    ubuntu on parallel desktop MacBook

    I don't know about Macs, so I can't help with Parallels. However, with Linux, anything you can do in the GUI, you can do in Terminal. You just have to know how. I don't know if it was a typo, but in your first issue you said 'sudo paswrd'. To change your password in Terminal, just type...
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    Installed mint 19.1 correctly but directly restart to windows 7.

    In 2008 I used Testdisk to recover my drive and it worked. Unfortunately it was so long ago I don't remember any details and I'm sure it's changed a lot since then. But give it a try and good luck.
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    After 90 days of study, I am still learning but not sure what size USB drives to get

    I'm sure there's going to be people who disagree with me when I say this, but unless you want to get your hands dirty a lot, I'd say stick with Ubuntu or Mint. I really like Fedora, but when I had it installed, I had to to lots of work. In fact, I haven't been able to get a solid installation...
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    Installed mint 19.1 correctly but directly restart to windows 7.

    I understand, you don't want to keep Windows for the long term. However, you also said you're installing Linux to the unallocated space, rather than erasing C and combining SDA1 with the unallocated space, which lead me to believe you wanted to keep Windows and have Linux too for a while...