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    Using Raspberry Pi 4 as a daily driver

    Yeah, it was completely waste of money. Never used more than 3Gigs.
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    Virtual Box Screen Dimensions won't stick

    Okay, I understand. I experienced this on PureOS, but I use QEMU, not virtualbox. Still looking for a solution, I will post updates here as soon as I find a solution. I hope instructions are not much different on VB.
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    It no longer makes sense for windows to be the default gaming OS

    Don't play video games anymore but very happy with the way things are going on with GNU/Linux now. Specially, Steam Deck is really a game changer
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    Fedora 36 VS torrenting

    On Qbittorrent, You can change the destination folder. Sorry, used pepe meme to hide weird computer name XD.
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    Parabola Linux Installation

    Update: The Parabola Linux Wiki has been not been updated much in past couple of years. You can get some details from the forum though, that's how I knew wiki is not up to date. Finally, I was able to install the system properly, but another issue came up while trying to update the system...
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    Virtual Box Screen Dimensions won't stick

    Hi, Did you try installing Virtualbox Guest Addistions? Also make sure you increase video graphics memory. Max it out. From AskUbuntu Forum Also, install build-essential dkms linux-headers-generic on Ubuntu VM
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    Parabola Linux Installation

    I tried to install Parabola OpenRC LXDE on QEMU, but it seems like there is a problem with CLI installer. Followed every step carefully and I'm stuck here always at the end. There was only manual installation guide on Parabola Wiki and could not find any instruction on the CLI installation...
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    Using Raspberry Pi 4 as a daily driver

    Fair prices. What took my mind was their PiPad project. Interesting solution
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    Post a screenshot of your Desktop

    you got some cool wallpapers. Can you send some of these to me please??
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    In today's article, we disable our webcam.

    Works on Thinkpad T450 currently running on Endeavour OS!!! Thank you, really simple and complete well explained article.
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    Distribution suggestion for old laptop

    Antix, it is very stable and very lightweight and also easy to install. Puppy linux, bodhi linux. Whatever you use keep in mind to select lightweight desktop environment as others have already mentioned. Like XFCE, LXDE. You can also try systemd free distros, as an example Artix linux. (forgot...
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    Static noise

    Hey, are you using windows on the same machine? If isn't it could be a hardware issue
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    Anonymous Search Engine

    Visited your search engine and it works without any javascript which is impressive because very few number of search engines works without any javascript. And also, it has a minimalistic design. Only drawback is it is closed source. Many search engines (like Google, Yahoo) claim that they...
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    Movie Thread.

    Spoiler alert: you are going to fall asleep after the first hour:D