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  • While my boss isn't trying to come off as being too wrapped up in his construction project on the restaurant, he definitely acts that way. I've been working there for practically two weeks now, and I still don't know what I'm getting paid per hour, nor has finally printed out my paperwork (claiming his printer's not working). I suggested he go to the local library and print it, but he says he'll "take care of it".
    I worked HARD tonight. Because it's a friday night, we were very busy and short on waitresses, so on top of the tasks I normally complete, I decided to take the initiative and help out with bringing drinks out, filling orders (which was the first time I ever did that), and busing tables. One table I filled an order for was nice enough to give me a $20 tip because I jumped in and provided quality service.
    After being unemployed for a year again, and having an unfortunate habit of procrastinating and getting distracted when it comes to getting my gig jobs set up, I finally managed to get a new job at a local sports bar. While I was sore after completing my shift, the job itself wasn't too bad. Because I'll be working all weekend, my body's going to be feeling that afterward.
    For those of you who remember, or simply heard about, Geocities from back in the day, there's a site called Neocities, which is dedicated to preserving Geocities, and allowing people to create their own Geocities-style site on it. I'm checking it out now, and I might look into putting my own site on it. Neocities.org
    We have tall evergreen shrubs right by our back window, and they produce some kind of fruit or whatever that the squirrels like to eat. After holding Tara and showing the squirrel to her, she kept trying to find ways to watch it, so I put a kitchen chair by the window and she stood on it while putting her paws on the window sill.
    Because my phone's alarms don't go off like they're supposed to half of the time, now I inadvertently missed my physical therapy appoint for the 5th time. I'm trying to not piss them off, but can't help it when I keep encountering this issue! Thankfully and surprisingly, they were willing to offer yet another chance, but I told them I need to get a job and a new phone before I make another appointment.
    Now that I have my laptop up and running again, I recently took a test to potentially get hired as a proofreader, and I applied to a pet-sitting agency to take care of people's cats. If I can complete both jobs, more power to me.
    My cat Tara likes to jump onto the back of my computer chair and lay on it (because she's still very agile, even for almost 9 years old), and she's quite the kisser :D
    After having my desktop AND laptop crap out on me about 2 months ago, my brother has been using whatever time he can to at least get my laptop bootable again. Now I'm going to see about asking my friend's dad to do whatever he can with it.
    While working on an anime-style self-portrait (which I'll look into using as my new avatar), I've been developing a list of sites I'm going to post my videos on
    My parents went to the eye doctor earlier, only to find out my mom retina's starting to detach, and my dad is in an early stage of getting glaucoma. While the doctor is going to monitor their conditions closely, and perform surgery on my mom if necessary, I'm concerned about how their conditions will affect how they live, especially since they're elderly and in relatively poor health.
    Because my desktop has now been on the fritz since the other day, my laptop almost suffered the same fate, but thankfully I somehow dodged a bullet with that
    What happened to them?
    I was trying to downgrade to Mint 19.3, thinking that would make Terminal work better (because I kept encountering problems with it). After I managed to do that, I encountered a glitch, and decided to restart the desktop. Ever since then, it's been stuck in grub rescue. Another forum user told me to reinstall Mint 21, but I told him I was going to install an Android desktop variant instead.
    After sleeping on it last night, I also thought about running an Android desktop variant on my current desktop, since I was going to do that with my new one anyway. Unfortunately, Bliss OS only works with newer hardware, so I'll either go with Prime or Phoenix for the time being, or run them on my new desktop as well if they end up working great.
    After dealing with frequent troubleshooting (which unfortunately has caused more problems than solutions), I originally decided to go back to 19.3 to make things more easier for myself. However, I recently encountered issues when trying to get that working properly. Now I'm contemplating going back to Windows completely, at least until my new computer is built and running something other than Windows or Linux.
    Consider Installing Linux Mint 20.1

    Clean install.....not an upgrade.
    Somehow my desktop got stuck in grub rescue and won't boot up properly. After Tolkem told me to reinstall Mint, I decided I would install PrimeOS instead. I'm in the process of doing that now.
    I'm going to my friend's house later to play video games, while purposely being dressed as the Angry Video Game Nerd. He's going to hear me swearing up a storm. If the game sucks, I'll pretend to crap on it.
    My parents and I got Culvers for dinner tonight. While I waiting in line at the drive-up, I was thinking back to that Nickelodeon movie Good Burger. Too bad I didn't mention that to the staff, because most of them were around my age and would've gotten the reference.
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