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    Audio Stutter on USB Wireless headphones

    Hello, I recently switched to linux and I'm having some issues with my wireless usb headphones. I have the steelseries arctis 1 wireless headset, the mic and audio passthrough automically although they are detected twice. Once as Analog output and once as Digital Output (S/PDIF). That isn't my...
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    Creating a Library Folder on 2nd drive Linux

    Nevemind I have fixed it, Flatpack didn't have the needed perms
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    Creating a Library Folder on 2nd drive Linux

    Hello, I recently switched my pc to linux and I'm having issues installing games on my game drive . I have added a mountpoint in my home folder for the drive with fstab(2nd drive is exfat), but steam doesn't show the folder when I'm searching for a new Library Folder on Linux (I'm running zorin...
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    USB Wireless gaming headset only works as a mic, when i connect it with wire it works fine

    So I recently bought a pair of steelseries Arctis 1 Wireless headphones and when i connect them to my laptop, the mic works but the speakers stay silent. I connected it to my nintendo switch and the audio works fine. The headphones aren't detected as speakers by the system at all, I tried...