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    AMD Ryzen with Linux.

    I'm pretty sure it will, it has more to do with the kernel than which distribution you're using.
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    Autodesk Inventor on Linux

    The only great 3D software I've used on Linux is Blender, but it's not really an alternative I'd recommend if you're only doing CAD work. Looking around, I found this useful list of alternatives for you to try, some of them aren't listed on Don't know if any of them can be a...
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    Autodesk Inventor on Linux

    You won't be able to run it natively, and Wine probably isn't a good idea either anyway. Autodesk Inventor seems to rely on Windows' code a lot, so it's not likely it'll be available on *nix systems any soon. If your computer can handle it, you could always run it in a Windows virtual machine...
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    New Laptop

    Heard great things about the Bladebook. Personally, the laptop I do all my programming on is a Thinkpad (x230, but any good TP would do), you can get them for very cheap and they have the kind of attributes you're looking for like their hardware flexibility and mobility. Plus, the keyboard feels...
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    Meet the Scout

    Hey everyone! Glad to finally have created an account on this site. Been a lurker for a while, but recently decided to join the conversation and talk about Linux! As with most people here, I'm a bit of a tech geek and I currently work in IT. Sadly, I mostly have to work with Windows, but I use...