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    Remove older backups like 1 month

    Find command is very useful option here. You can search for files older then 1 month and delete them with -delete option. $ find /tmp -mtime +7 -type f -name '*.tmp' -delete
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    ubuntu and raspbian!

    Welcome to the nicest forum in the internet
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    Opened File Accessor

    There are a lot different ways to a process which is using given file. But fuser command can be used to list users who is using give n files. Fuser /home/john/test.txt will list processes wich opened test.txt file . for more details:
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    File Permission of The Sh Files

    Best way is using find command with the -exec option where you can use chmod. $ find /my/bashfiles/ -type d -name *.c -exec chmod 770 {} \; read below:
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    Change your file manager

    Hi,CptCharis Install another filemanager and choose it as standart application for files.
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    Bash User Input

    Hi, You can use read command in bash where input will be set into a bash variable. Read -p "What is your age" age in this example the user input value will be set into age. Referance:
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    SCP Escape path

    You can use thre backslash or \\\ while specifying the path. scp my.cfg [email protected]:/home/samuel/test\\\ 2/ referance :
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    How can I find suid files In Linux?

    You can use following command which can be used to list suid enabled files. $ find / -perm /u=s reference:
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    Exclude unwanted string from Linux grep

    There are different ways to exclude and grep given a text file or input stream. I generally prefer the most basic one where use two grep where the first one is for exclude with -v option and pipe to second one where I grep for my string. grep -v 'able' config.txt | grep 'system' For more...
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    How Can I Define Multiline String In Python

    Well. You can use triple quotes in order to define multi line string like sss='''This is a string''' For more information look
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    List Linux KVM VM IP Address ?

    First I want to conguraluce you because using Linux KVM is very technical issue. #!/bin/bash VMNAME=$1 for mac in `sudo virsh domiflist $VMNAME |grep -o -E "([0-9a-f]{2}:){5}([0-9a-f]{2})"` ; do arp -e | grep $mac | grep -o -P "^\d{1,3}\.\d{1,3}\.\d{1,3}\.\d{1,3}" ; done For more information...
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    Pip ffi.h Gcc Error ?

    There may be different causes for this issue but installing libffi development library will solve your problem. sudo apt install libffi-dev for Ubuntu. For others look followin link
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    How can I add Linux SSH keys ?

    Hi, Well. There are different ways to accomplish that but you can use following command. ssh-copy-id [email protected] Reference