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    HP Laptops

    Hmmm.I run a sata SSD in my oldish laptop,and the only time the fan runs is when I hold the computer on my lap instead of a table(or a board on my lap).However if you truly have a heat issue,using 4 erasers under the laptop to get more clearance will help.I also notice that this laptop runs a...
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    I cannot get on Netflix. Why?

    Last time I tried,Netflix didn't work on Chromium.It does work fine on Chrome.,right out of the box ,no tweaking neccessary.
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    Audacity on Ubuntu 18.04

    Just decided to convert the rest of my vinyl on audacity.Started on the laptop,but for some reason audacity randomly stops recording after a random length of time.I'm thinking Audacity needs more resources,so I switched to the tower(same distro).So far so good.Not too crazy about ding this on...
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    record of programs installed

    Yea,I've pretty much got all the programs memorized now.I was pretty impressed with my new build.It installed faster than I could wash the dishes.That M.2 drive is pretty slick.Stuff insalls so fast,I can just go get it when I need it,if I miss it on the initial install.
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    How many times?

    Well,I tried Zorin first,because it looks just like Windows 7;then I tried Peppermint,Mint,maybe one or two others,before I found out that they were all based on Ubuntu.So I tried Ubuntu.Discovered that all my dual monitor woes went away.Now I mostly leave Ubuntu (18.04LTS) on the tower,and when...
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    USB still has power when computer is off

    I just built a new computer withanAzrock Z390 Pro4 MB,in anAntek Silent case.All of the USB ports have power when the computer is turned off,both the ones on the motherboard and those on the front of the case.Is this normal?I'm running Ubuntu 18.04,and it is up to date.Everything else seems to...
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    how to delete windows and install ubuntu permanently

    Another option is to phisically remove your windows harddrive and install linux on a different harddrive.Put the windows drive on a shelf somewhere in case you want it again.When you are sure you dont need winows anymore,use it for backup in an external case.This avoids any dual boot issues you...
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    record of programs installed

    Wasn't planning to clone.Just want to do a clean install,and reinstall all the same programs,all from Ubuntu software.There always seems to be something I forget until I need it and its not there.It doesn't help that I don't always remember the names of the programs.Just read in another post...
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    record of programs installed

    I cant remember where I saw this;I am building a new tower (as soon as the rest of the parts get here).I want to install all of the same programs on the new machine.I am going to use Ubuntu 18.04 again.I saw a quick way to do this,but can't remember where.I guess I can always write them down on...
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    DAC sound card

    When I bought my steinberg UR12,the guy said there is an optional power supply for it ,depending what I was using it for.Works fine on USB,but could still use more volume on some programs,such as video playback.Every one I tried is low volume.Strange,when Audacious has plenty of volume.Too bad...
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    Laptop for Linux - Budget $800

    I agree with Mint-Me:Irecently bought a used Dell with i5,dual core;it had no problem running a 32" monitor and sound system.I used it as a media center for several months.Everything works fine on Ubuntu 18.04 and other derivative distros.I expect a brand new Dell would be fine.They do offer...
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    When was your first touch of Linux?

    Hooray for trial and error.It doesn't cost anthing to re-install;no toll-free hour long phone call required!
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    New to this forum

    Xscreensaver, in Ubuntu software.
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    New to this forum

    Hi,all.I've been messing around with Linux since Ubuntu 16.04 was new.I tried a few Ubuntu derivatives,but here I am back on Ubuntu(18.04).I just can't seem to get my dual monitors to work right on the derivatives.Vanilla Ubuntu may not have some of the nifty features of the others,but it works...
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    Making movies sound with equal levels all the time

    Seems to me I saw a normalize setting in VLC player;don't know how to apply that to youtube or other browser video....