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    Share your favouirte Linux learning Resources:

    This is where checking the distros forum for the problem to see if anyone else has had the same problem and someone else usually has and a solution has already been posted. Trust me if I'm having a problem most of the time some else is also or has already had the same problem and a fix /...
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    Share your favouirte Linux learning Resources:

    When only certain programs fail to work it is usually due to missing dependencies although may not always be the case. And yes very frustrating sometimes.
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    Share your favouirte Linux learning Resources:

    The best way to learn Linux is by using Linux. Practice makes the master. Don't be afraid to break your Linux distro and learn from your mistakes. Scan the forums which are a wealth of information. An excellent resource.
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    Bookmarks for this forum

    Hello Granny Sue, If using Firefox click the Library button on your toolbar. Perhaps this will help.
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    Distro selection

    If you are willing to get you hands dirty and learn and don't care about the bells and whistles then here's the distro although it has a learning curve.
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    Distro selection I guess never. :p:D Never will understand why new Linux users leave Windows but still want to have a Windows like environment. Linux ain't hard to learn if the new Linux user is willing to learn Linux. I've found most new Linux users unwilling to take...
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    Best linux distro for beginner

    If you are already using Ubuntu 18.04 and like it then stick with it imo. Arch Linux is not for the beginner. Don't know nothing about Gentoo.
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    Distro selection

    A good read.
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    Help Post

    Have a read.
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    Which distro for old laptop

    Bodhi is a good Linux distro I use it on some of my old computers and it's A-OK.
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    Linux Mint 14.1 Mate
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    Kernel question

    Based on this article Linux Mint 19.3 is based on a LTS kernel so if that is the case I'd stay with it. 4th paragraph Beneath the hood, the new Mint is based on Ubuntu 18.04.3 LTS and the 4.15.0-72 Linux kernel. MInt...
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    Wifi adapter needs to be reconnected after using windows

    Was this adapter installed and used at the time you installed Manjaro. Did you update Manjaro after you installed it and if not update it. Hopefully someone with knowledge about Manjaro KDE will be by to help.
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    Wifi adapter needs to be reconnected after using windows

    I'm not familiar with Manjaro although look in wireless settings for an option to automatically connect or connect automatically or something like that.
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    Debian installation Problem

    I have kids older than you o_O you're young. I'm gonna be 68 years old this year. :D