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    How to fix (MAKEPKG) installation problem?

    Have you installed all needed packages to use makepkg? Look in the arch wiki to find out more.
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    Mint and the Dell 4800

    A rolling release distro like manjaro will work best on new hardware.
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    Editing grub?

    Do this: When you booted into the os give in: grub-mkconfig -o /boot/grub/grub.cfg
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    New hardware new luck

    also works witch arch linux-lts kernel.
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    New hardware new luck

    I switched to the manjaro kernel. Now it works.
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    New hardware new luck

    So I recently got a new laptop, wiped windows and installed arch on it. Had no problems except that my audio just doesn’t work, not the mic, not the speakers and not the audio jack. I have an realtek ALC3204 in it, i searched a bit on the internet and found out that this one audio adapter is not...
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    kernel patch

    Hey guys, I want to patch my arch linux kernel with this patch. How do I exactly do this without recompiling my whole kernel? I looked into the wiki but I don't get it.
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    Linux laptop database

    thank you
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    Kernel question

    They are different support kinds of the Linux kernel: there are long term support (lts) kernels, normal kernels, testing kernels, Realtime kernels... I prefer to always use be latest kernel to have the best funktionality and hardware support. But this also has it's problems, some weeks ago I...
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    The Linux family tree.

    Manjaro is not connected to Debian at all, it's arch based like antergos.
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    Linux laptop database

    Hoops, with laptop Name I ment the laptop model. Sorry
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    Linux laptop database

    Hey guys! I'm making a school project where we should make dynamic websites with a database etc. So I decided to make a database will Laptops which more or less work with Linux. Now I just need some data for my database. I want this in the following form: Laptop Producer: Laptop Name...
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    boot stuck on /dev/sda1 clean

    can you give us what the ouput is when you boot like this?
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    Installing Linux on PC with two drives?

    There is an option called dual boot where you install Linux alongside windows on the same drive. In the Linux mint installer should be an option where you can shrink the windows partition and install mint on the same drive.
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    boot stuck on /dev/sda1 clean

    I would first disable it via systemctl disable plymouth Then reboot and it should work fine. One question: were you able to log in when you booted into recovery like I discribed?