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  1. Pawan Bahuguna

    Change working directory in shell script

    Why don't you test yourself and let us know? You already have a script, you just need to test. Please don't take me otherwise. It is beneficial for yourself only.
  2. Pawan Bahuguna

    How to quit vi/vim

    I am in the habit of using ESC :wq!
  3. Pawan Bahuguna

    Creating a Docker Container

    Good tutorial. Do we have any tutorial on basic docker commands? If not I can create one.
  4. Pawan Bahuguna

    Cryptocurrency wallets and Linux

    Great tutorial, thanks.
  5. Pawan Bahuguna

    How to automate tasks on a Linux system

    Newbies can directly cat crontab file to see the syntax in case they forget it.
  6. Pawan Bahuguna

    Programming with BASH

    Good for learning Bash programming.
  7. Pawan Bahuguna

    Day to Day with Linux

    Good tutorial for beginners.