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    Hypnotix IPTV

    With or without vpn, I tried both ! Same result…
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    Hypnotix IPTV

    I too have no good experience with Hypnotix as a TV browser. In the beginning it worked just fine, but at a certain point in time, they changed the playlist to another provider. Since then, almost nothing is playing anymore… Cheers, Eddy
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    Is Debian 12 Bookworm becoming unstable?

    I have no troubles installing the updates on Debian, even on SID my system is solid! Greetz, Eddy
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    Old Macbook Drivers for Debian Elsie 5

    It seems you are still booting with the nomodesetting kernel parameter. Don't forget things will not improve as long that this parameter is used during boot. Install firmware-misc-nonfree and reboot without specifying "nomodeset=0" and see what happens... On my system the sentence in bold above...
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    Doomed but not giving up!

    You downloaded from a untrusted source, please DO NOT install them ! Please follow @Brickwizard post number 31 and on, and install the firmware the way you should, I'm sure Ubuntu has those drivers available in their repos. Reboot or run "sudo modprobe b43" afterwards and check your systemlog...
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    Doomed but not giving up!

    If it was a zipped file (not the standard procedure to follow, but anyway), isn't there a script called "" or "" included ? Didn't the website you went to, include the same file as a debian deb file ? Where did you go than ? Eddy
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    Doomed but not giving up!

    How exactly did you download the drivers ? Normaly you would download the driver-package as a "deb" file and should install that with dpkg? sudo dpkg -i bcmwl*.deb Cheers, Eddy
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    No connection even though the network app shows my computer IS connected.

    On a second thought, open a terminal window while connected to wifi and please post the output of resolvectl Cheers, Eddy
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    No connection even though the network app shows my computer IS connected.

    What is worrying to me, are the many dropped packets that went through your wifi. Are you sure you are using the right driver for your wifi chipset ? Or did you setup a firewall on your router’s firmware? Happy new year, Eddy
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    Happy New Year ALL!

    Best wishes for 2024, friends ! Cheers, Eddy
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    Holding off On Debian 12 Updates

    Already solved with stable kernel 6.1.66, ready for you to download. Cheers, Eddy
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    Solved What are the switches for inxi to get it to show the wireless adapter?

    Please type “inxi —help” (mind the two dashes) or “man inxi” to review all options… cheers, eddy
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    For those using older Machines Debian may not be supportive much longer.

    No, not at all ! I really do not want to hurt someone's feelings, if I unintentionally did -> sorry about that ! Eddy
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    Vivaldi 6.5 released

    And yet, I do NOT like Vivaldi - nothing goes like the Firefox/Thunderbird combo (for me, any way) Cheers, Eddy
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    How do you get started?

    I start daily by comming out of bed and press the power button of my computer... :) Cheers, Eddy