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    Why do people distro-hop?

    Choosing a Linux distro is kinda like choosing most anything else ya see what's available and suits your needs the best and then make a choice or choices. ;)
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    Today's article is about upgrading Ubuntu (and others) from the terminal.

    No it says "Ubuntu (and others) from the terminal". ;)
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    Simple CLI cpu. memory, and process stats.

    Glances comes as default in EndeavourOS.
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    cheap tv antenna

    I'm not sure what the specs are the antenna and rotor and 35 ft tower came with the house. The tower is bolted to a concrete pad in the ground and secured with steel brackets bolted to the house. I can easily access the rotor and antenna from the roof of my house as the tower is maybe 4 ft...
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    cheap tv antenna

    I see it's an old thread however @Leonardo_B is an active member. I have an outdoor antenna similar to this one mounted on a rotor and I can bring in ota tv channels from 75 plus miles away.
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    Post a screenshot of your Desktop

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    Is ProtonDB full of trolls?

    I understand what you're saying. Computer parts will have to come down in price before I do another build they have become outrageous since crypto mining. I simply refuse to pay the jacked up price that computer parts cost nowadays. I have several good working desktops and okay they are older...
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    Is ProtonDB full of trolls?

    Probably so. :D What I remember about Crisis is that it was pretty graphics demanding so I imagine the later versions are even more graphics demanding. One of the reasons I never got into gaming is because I just didn't want to spend the money for a kick ass build.
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    Is ProtonDB full of trolls?

    I don't know a thing about ProtonDB however what I do know is some people aren't happy unless they're bitching and complaining. I read all kinds of horror stories about Snaps and I'm using Snaps without any problems and Snaps work great or do for me. People read about a bad experience others...
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    Old Dell with no OS, how do I get Linux onto it?

    If the processor only supports SSE instruction set than you're SOL with running a modern browser. Nowadays browsers require a minimum of SSE2 or above instruction set to run decent. I'll almost bet that processor is only SSE instruction set. What processor does that laptop have in it. I'm...
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    Old Dell with no OS, how do I get Linux onto it?

    This may be useful. There is a system tag number somewhere on that Dell laptop if not enter the bios and it will be available. Go to Dell support and enter the system...
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    Linuxnub here :P

    Welcome to Go to this section. Is Kali Linux Right For You? Go to here. Kali Linux is Not for Beginners
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    cdrom not showing MX Linux-19

    I've only been using Linux for maybe 2 months and have installed several different Linux distros trying them out. I scan the forums of the Linux distro I install and look for any Linux how to knowledge and find solutions for problems I have. I search for what is needed to do after a brand new...
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    cdrom not showing MX Linux-19

    Go into the menu and look for MX Tools and open it and look for codecs installer. Click the codecs installer icon and enter your password if asked and follow the prompts. When finished reboot your computer and insert your music cd into the tray and see what happens.
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    Today's article is nice and easy - shutdown from the terminal.

    Thanks will give it a look.