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    Can someone look at this and tell me if it looks correct!?

    I would get that computer off network first if I were you.
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    background running process terminal shows "?" after an hour

    try using nohup instead nohup sh & > nohup_myscript
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    SIM Card USB interface to make phone calls?

    would gammu work for you?
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    zone NS '' has no address records (A or AAAA)

    maybe you can check you spacing refer
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    server serving text pages instead of html

    maybe you need the right perl modules check on old server which perl packages installed with "dpkg --get-selections | grep perl" as root
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    Is 'active (exited) Since <date> 2 minutes ago' a correct status for SAMBA?

    Seems like samba is working Have you enable file sharing discovery on windows 10?
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    Parameter resolving incorrectly

    you can use diff like so: diff dev.txt prod.txt output: --- dev.txt +++ prod.txt @@ -1,4 +1,4 @@ export DBDELIM=${DBDELIM:=|} log resolved parameter value as, $'DBDELIM=\037'$'\037' 'DBDELIM=|''|'
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    Trouble with Windows homes nfs mounted on Linux

    Transfer speed depends on the bottleneck, so max monitor bandwidth supported from netapp to red hat box then to programmers windows pc/laptop to determine it.
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    Which hardware (PCs/laptops/monitors) you are currently using?
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    Although Sign In as a AD User, When I Tried to Connect Windows File Server, It Asks Username and Password

    maybe you can check your messages, secure and auth log for more details
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    Charlie Corder aka 70 Tango Charlie

    Welcome Charlie. @VP9KS I'm just starting to play jet simulators like DCS etc., if I can squeeze some time to play.
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    Can someone look at this and tell me if it looks correct!?

    when you press e to edit, it does not change permanently. Just for that one time.
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    Hello, I'm new here!

    thanks @Nik-Ken-Bah @wizardfromoz
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    Hello, I'm new here!

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    update-alternatives iptables-nft

    Which distro version you are referring to?