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    High level Step-by-step guide - Building and securing a Linux server business environment from scratch

    May be useful.
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    What browser do you use

    With Linux I use Firefox. With Windows 10 the new Edge. I've used Chromium and Google Chrome and they're OK h
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    Is Linux more secure than Windows and if so why?

    Weakest link on any computer regardless of the OS always exists between the chair and the keyboard. Plain and simple the user fails to use common sense web habits and unknowingly allows the bad guys into their computer.
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    More reliable wifi with weak signal?

    I'd try relocating the router to a different location and see if that makes any difference and it may take several tries before reaching an improved signal.
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    Let's build a list of Linux-compatible computers

    Exactly. If the onboard wireless device doesn't work buy a USB wireless device they're cheap and plentiful. Do a Google search and find the USB Wireless device that other Linux users are using and purchase it.
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    Let's build a list of Linux-compatible computers

    Linux installs and runs on most computers I've used and use without problems. Laptops seem to be the most problematic with the Linux kernel from my experience. I find it best to create bootable media with the perspective computer to be used and run as Live DVD/CD and see that all works prior...
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    Linux really slow on external Monitor when laptop lid closed

    I'm not a laptop user so I may be wrong in my suggestion. I'd go into the power settings and display settings and look at there configuration. Disable low power saving mode when lid is closed and any other settings that would place the computer in a low power state or power saving mode when...
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    Path After Linux Mint

    You are welcome @NooGauie and Welcome to
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    MX 19.2 Base Edition.

    I like antiX and use it for the same reason it keeps my old Windows Vista computers alive and going. I to wish that MX would go the route as antiX however I guess the eye candy appeals to many. I like MX Linux just don't need or will ever use most of the default software. I'd rather have a...
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    Looking for a fitting distro for an old netbook.

    Here's another option. Has a little bit of a learning curve.
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    MX 19.2 Base Edition.

    The long and short of it is it's MX 19.2 with a few less packages imo. The install went without a hitch and works good although I still find MX 19.2 Base to have way to much default software that I will never need or ever use. I wish MX Linux would have offered as a core and then I could...
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    Path After Linux Mint

    This may be useful.
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    MX 19.2 Base Edition.

    You're welcome Wizard. I'll be giving it a live test run hopefully in a few days and see what I think. I've like MX Linux because it works good OOTB although I don't need or will ever use all the software it comes with so a base version is a plus for me.
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    MX 19.2 Base Edition.

    Title says it all. Looks interesting.
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    Where did your username come from?

    I like LXQt because it's unique and most users hate it so I guess that makes me somewhat of an oddball and I'm cool with that cause I am an oddball. LXQt is easy to use once you learn the LXQt ways or it was for me. LXQt is supposed to be built from KDE and I may be wrong about that however my...