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    Grub Login Not Working, USBs Not Recognized & Error 102 on SDA via GParted

    What website you were reading to restore Grub? Did you read and try the methods in this article yet? Reinstall grub2 from LiveCD - LinuxMint Community Edit: Other than that, you can use Boot Repair. Details here. sudo apt install software-properties-common; \ sudo add-apt-repository "deb...
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    What Happens After Big Tech is Finally Abolished

    I watched this video a few weeks ago. It is quite enjoyable to watch: I embedded this video starting from the Deepfakes section (16:54), but you can start from the beginning to learn more. Chapters: 0:00 Social Media 2:12 Echo Chambers 5:43 Negativity 6:35 Confidence 8:47 Isolation 15:24...
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    Ubuntu, and Lubuntu - and other official flavors, has ended support for 21.04

    I didn't try the odd number version for the past few years. Odd number versions, 17.04, 19.04, 21.04 are short-term and for beta testers. It will be supported for 9 months. The even number versions, 18.04, 20.4, are supported for 5 years, some of them are ten years. These are LTS (long-term...
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    What is the safest way to clone the entire partition where my OS is located ?

    CloneZilla. If you want to see how this software restores an image, watch this video at 19:00. If you prefer GUI, you can use RescueZilla. I embed this video at 8:00 but you can watch this video from the beginning for the full tutorial.
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    Covid Corner

    From WebMD [3]: In a Senate hearing Tuesday, acting FDA Commissioner Janet Woodcock, MD, even told the panel, "most people are going to get COVID." In late December, an epidemiologist told BBC News: "We have to be realistic; we are not going to stop Omicron." Now, posts are popping up on social...
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    Covid Corner

    From Reuters [1]: Here is why experts say it is not time to be complacent about Omicron: You could still become very ill: Research has indicated that Omicron may be more likely to lead to an asymptomatic case of COVID-19 than prior variants. For those who do have symptoms, a higher proportion...
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    vendor de-anonymized my VPN ?

    Turn on the VPN and then use to test. If you can see your real ISP there, then it is not safe. After that, use to see if your browser leaks your real IP. Other than that, turn off the location permission on your browser. That website might be able to track your...
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    Which Linux distribution do you use?

    Main distro: Backbox Linux, which is an Ubuntu-based distro. Sometimes I use others like Xubuntu. Here's a chart from Google Trends. View the chart here.
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    Installing software; asked to Authenticate; won't accept my password?

    It could be due to various reasons. Try typing the password into a text editor first and make sure that you enter the right password. And then copy the password from the text editor and then paste it into the form/terminal when prompted.
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    Privacy for normies. I would like to know your opinions

    What custom ROM you are trying? Did you try asking on the Xda forum? If you are using Lineage OS, there is a subforum for that. If you want to use CalyxOS, you can ask on their Gitlab page...
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    Which Browser do you use?

    The browser that I always use 80% of the time: Firefox. The reasons are: Easy to toggle between the search engines. More privacy + security customizations. But it doesn't come by default, unlike Brave. I need to adjust those in the settings or about config. The second one is Vivaldi. I had the...
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    Covid Corner

    From Reuters [1]: - "While Omicron does appear to be less severe compared to Delta, especially in those vaccinated, it does not mean it should be categorised as mild," director general Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus said at the same briefing in Geneva. - "Just like previous variants, Omicron is...
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    Covid Corner

    PS: I'm not going to post anything else because I don't want to ruin your Christmas holiday with COVID news. I will post here again in 2 weeks, same time as usual. Happy holiday everyone. Thanks.
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    Privacy for normies. I would like to know your opinions

    I stopped using Android years ago. You can disable location access etc, but Google probably still tracks you. Disabling those will block third-party apps, like Whatsapp from accessing your location, but that won't stop Google. This is another tool that I always use - Cryptomator This video...
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    How should I clean up my laptop?

    You might need to start from scratch, especially when you don't need Windows anymore. What laptop model that you are using? Your RAM and CPU amounts? There specific distros for old laptops. For example: Q4OS, Emmabuntus, Puppy Linux, AntiX. Full list from this link...