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    Creating a Docker Container

    I'm looking forward also to a tutorial into linux namespaces in the context of Docker, user mapping and securing the containers all in all. I know there are quite a few out there, but Docker is still a pretty new technology and it changes so quickly, while on the other hand there're always going...
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    What are you guys using for firewalls at home?

    I know and I've already tinkered with that. But the user one tries to log in with is not a criterion for lfd, at least not by default. What I'd have liked was an immediate ban for anyone trying to log in with the root user. Some time ago someone suggested adding some perl code in order to match...
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    What are you guys using for firewalls at home?

    I'm using csf/lfd. But I'd have liked something even more customable, such as automatically banning any IPs from which root ssh logins are attempted. But I like the fact that it's on top of iptables.