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    dual bootW10+mint

    ok, need to understand "grub". hopefully this shows my set up. do I enter grub through linux or w10?
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    dual bootW10+mint

    the first few lines say: mount: mounting /sys on /root / sys failed: no such file or directory and mount; mounting /proc on/ root /proc failed : no such file or directory. plus a lot of code . Can still manage to get into win 10 if i switch everything off at the plug
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    dual bootW10+mint

    Having put linux mint on my spare hard drive along side w10on a SSD it worked and i was able to boot in to either. Since introducing a usb drive to mess around with I found can still boot linux up but this is what i see. "busybox v1.30.1(ubuntu 1:1:30:1 -4ubuntu.3) built - shell (ash) Enter...
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    lite linux for Dell laptop

    i have an old laptop with XP and service pack 1, I would like a lite linux distro to use on it. Dell has 512MB ram, intel celeron (R) m and 1300 mhz., 18 .6 GB hard drive.