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    I do not know where to start

    So once you do some reading, I would suggest that you frequent this and any other forums you can find on Linux and review the threads. Seeing the questions AND the answers will help to build your knowledge. Also, you might want to build a list of tasks for yourself to familiarize yourself with...
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    I do not know where to start

    Okay, so my question to you is what do you want to do with Linux? Do you want to use it solely from the desktop, like windows and do things like browse the web, read and send email, message, etc? If so, then start using the apps that are installed by default to do these things. If an app isn't...
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    I do not know where to start

    There are a million ways to start, but that doesn't help so let's narrow things down. First of all answer a few questions: - do you have a computer to install linux onto? If so, then please list its attributes (laptop?, cpu, amount of RAM, hard disk size). - do you have a separate computer...
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    How to run Windows OS on running Ubuntu Server without VM

    No. There are a few things you can do: - run a windows in a VM - run windows something like a docker stack (I assume this is avilable for Linux) - run some Windows apps in Wine keith
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    Setting up Internal Drives?

    I don't know what the /dev/loop'x' devices are but these are the real disks: Disk /dev/sda: 5.47 TiB, 6001175126016 bytes, 11721045168 sectors Disk model: TOSHIBA HDWR160 Units: sectors of 1 * 512 = 512 bytes Sector size (logical/physical): 512 bytes / 4096 bytes I/O size (minimum/optimal)...
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    Running X application without Desktop Environment

    I have limited experience with x windows, but I think you might be able to make what you want happen with options to the xinit command. I'd look at the man page for xinit and do some googling. I think there should be options to let you dictate the attributes of your xwindow..... keith
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    i am bad at this, help

    Check out the internet. The locking doesn't occur on your drive, but in the BIOS or EFI.....firmware. However, once you solve this problem, formatting the drive before installation would probably be a good idea. keith
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    i am bad at this, help

    Do some google searches. I seem to remember running across some mention of some laptops (and I think Lenovo was among them) that have locking feature in the BIOS that prevents unauthorized update. I think there are articles out there about how to get around it. So you'd apply whatever magic is...
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    New Laptop

    I posted this response on another thread, but it applies here too. About six months ago I went in search of a linux laptop on a budget. I got - Lenovo Thinkpad (i5, 8gb RAM, 256 hdd) - cost was ~$200 - upgraded hdd to a 550gb SSD (did the upgrade myself) total cost was just north of $300 I run...
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    Extracting Data From Nmap To Another File For Review?

    It's time to learn PERL or Python. keith
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    Is there a way that will record the traffic every hour for everyday and save it in the database in vnstat ?

    I don't know anything about vnstat, but is it not possible to setup a command or script to run the export everynight at 23:59:59 and build a cumulative database? Also, looking at the man page there appears to be a -d or --days option.... keith
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    you say for basic coding and study. I did this about six months ago, you might want to consider it: - bought a thinkpad x230 from ebay (around $200). Intel I5, 4 gb - upgraded memory to 8 gb (I think it cost me around $50) - replaced harddrive with 500 GB SDD (around $60) - total cost a bit...
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    traceroute output with timestamp on each line

    Ah....well, I stand corrected, although making this work is very 'hacky'. You'll have fun calculating ms times and deciding on rounding and such. And there's the question of how actually accurate it will all be in the end. I guess you COULD get your date and time stamps though :cool: Have...
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    Different IP address for different accounts in same box

    To be more complete, with the configuration I described above, you can have something like a network 192.168.1.(0-255) for your LAN, and all of your devices would be dynamically served an IP address somewhere in that range. The router would be issued a dynamic IP from your ISP on their network -...
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    traceroute output with timestamp on each line

    Don't think you're going to get it. The traceroute command does not support this and I can't think of a way to 'wrap' the command to get this. Their may be other commands that will do what traceroute does that support this, but I've never heard of one. keith