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    Curious issue with "b43" Broadcom on Dell Latitude D630...

    Wild speculation: Maybe an IRQ collision? I haven't had to deal with that in forever and a day, but the term (+Linux) may yield some fruitful results.
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    Today's article has you checking disk usage with 'df'...

    I almost forgot to post this. I'm feeling much better, but still lethargic and kinda like I was hit by a truck. Still, the show must go on and there's a new article again today. I do love me some feedback.
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    New to Linux. Hi….

    I removed some of the superfluous topics. If anyone here knows, they'll let you know. It's a weekend and we're scattered across the globe, in various time zones.
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    Anyone know where’s the best place to post questions about Facebook?

    I assume there's a Facebook page for just that.
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    New to Linux. Hi….

    You also should refrain from posting so many topics that are all similar. Be patient. What you're doing is considered 'flooding'. Please abstain from that.
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    Help with Facebook Groups automatic membership approvals?

    I've moved this thread to off-topic, as it is not really a Linux question but is a question about Facebook. I'll also mention that many of us eschew Facebook and other social media sites. This is a question outside of our wheelhouse, but someone may still know the answer.
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    New to Linux. Hi….

    I admit my bias, but I think this is a great forum to ask questions. We're not all that busy, but we have some regulars who are pretty smart and willing to help - sometimes working long and hard to find a satisfactory resolution. You might want to click the link in my signature that explains...
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    LOL I can go faster, but then it slows me down because I start making errors. It helps when I have my nails trimmed. I play classical guitar, so my right hand often has longer nails. That can slow me down to maybe 80 wpm.
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    Status check of service and restart if its not up

    Oops... I thought I moved this yesterday. Ah well... I just moved it to 'command line' sub-forum, which is where we place scripting questions. We probably could do with a scripting sub-forum, but we do not have one.
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    Calander suggestion

    I use the calendar that comes with Thunderbird, the email client. It works great. I've never used it to sync with Google, but you can do that. There are other ways to sync it, but that's not something I do. I probably should, but I do not. I kinda sync my Thunderbird profile, which helps.
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    Oh, I type like a demon on fire. When I do the typing tests, I'm often 90 WPM or higher. Amusingly, that's the only course I recall failing - and I did so twice. I failed typing/keyboarding at both the high school and collegiate level. Then, IRC happened and I forced myself to learn to type by...
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    Today's article has you removing directories from the terminal...

    We'll use rmdir for the task, which removes only empty directories. Feedback is always welcome.
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    Adjust Trackpoint speed on Lenovo P70 / Ubuntu 22.04

    I did a quick search: That's unverified by me personally. Look specifically at section 3.1.1 and that's promising.
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    Hurricane Ian

    Maine gets hit with them, but it's usually just a tropical storm by the time it gets here - and it's very unlikely to go inland as far as I'm inland. As for the Floridians, I hope any of our Floridians are safe and sound, hopefully able to get out before the storm hit. There's going...
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    Man, it's amazing...