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    How can I game on Linux?

    Hi Guys , I m a gamer as well but in my option Linux cant handle any game that I play. Why's that ? I play old mmorpgs the hardcore ones who no one plays anymore and the problem is while your using wine or some other programs that open the game , the game security tells you to stop using...
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    How save is my Linux drive ?

    Hello Guys, My setup is like this : SSD Linux HHD Windows Assuming a hacker wants to hack me and he managed to hack my windows drive, how safe is my Linux drive? For security, I use the build in Linux encryption disk password. Thank you!
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    Your First Computer

    I can hardly remember those times , the windows 3.1 was a thing but 70% I had use the dos version , I m not sure if this was dos but it had a cmd line and a blue screen no mouse , when I was a little kid thats how I managed to open games . And I remember the magical "speed" button on my PC , my...
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    HDD Bad blocks errors

    I think the disk is quite damaged , the notebook feld on the ground then I noticed some noices from the HDD. But all was working fine , so I kept useing it . But day after day it become slower and slower some programs even did not started. Then it got worse I became system errors .I work...
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    HDD Bad blocks errors

    Thank you for you answer. I did it and I guess its the only way to fix the disk from bad sectors. I dont know if you had read my first post but I ve run the program to check the addresses from the bad sectors and the output file was over 1 GB heavy. So the next step for me was to run smartctl ...
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    HDD Bad blocks errors

    Rob , thank you for your reply .To be honest I already gave up , I need my computer to be fixed so I decide to buy a new disk. Besides now I can play with that broken HDD ,learn more about it !
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    HDD Bad blocks errors

    Hey guys ! Yesterday my disk got damaged ,I guess. So I`ve run the cmd : sudo badblocks -v /dev/sda > badsectors.txt and the output file is 1.1 GB heavy and sometimes I hear weird noises (From the HDD ofc ^^ ) Is it worth to invest time and block each sector ? I ve never done that before...