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    Long time Windows user looking to switch to Linux

    The only questions that need to be answered are: 1) What do you want your computer to do for you? 2) Since you have this interest in Linux, why haven't you picked a distro to start from? 3) Do you expect perfection?
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    Survey on package freshness/outdatedness in Linux distributions.

    What research firm do you work for, and what entity that hired your research firm is actually looking for this information?
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    Hp laptop

    I've never had to separately install lshw, I believe it's a standard Ubuntu package. The lsusb will show a very generalized result. The lshw should show the attached hardware info, even if the driver is not installed. The dmesg also should show the dongle info if the OP inserts the dongle...
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    Will an external drive work with SCSI?

    I'm saying that SCSI with its 68(?) pin connector is completely incompatible with any drive that is not SCSI. If you are connecting some SATA or PATA drive via a USB connector and an appropriate adapter, that will work well. As long as you are not connecting directly to the SCSI controller...
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    Hp laptop

    Open a terminal, and enter this:sudo lshw -C network It will prompt for your password (use your normal login password), then copy and paste the results here in a reply.
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    Please Help!

    O.K., so it's a Windows thing, and linked to the hidden partition that is used to recover a Windows install. Nothing to do with Linux.
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    Please Help!

    What is a "Novo button"? I've never seen one on any desktop or laptop that I've ever owned. Typically, as soon as the power button is pushed, you start rapidly pushing an releasing the ESC button to get the Grub menu. On many systems popping the F12 key will get the alternate boot device menu...
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    Resizing the kernel's partition after boot using Gparted concerns.

    The BSDs are O.K., I've used some of them much earlier in my FOSS life. Some of them tend to focus on servers - commercial, enterprise, etc. Others like TrueOS are more like personal use distributions. Most of them try very (too) hard to be ideologically "pure", and therefore deliberately...
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    VirtualBox Ubuntu 20.04 LTS super buggy

    Ubuntu 20.04, while it is a new version, it is a long time distro. Like any distro, it's going to react to the environment that it is in. So the virtual environment can be as much a cause for stutters and lags as being on a low spec machine by itself. Even though Ubuntu is running in a...
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    Suggestions for which linux distro to install

    The best advice (from Condobloke)! Always start somewhere, at some time, with something. You can always go to another distro once you become familiar with Linux.
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    Resizing the kernel's partition after boot using Gparted concerns.

    I never liked Puppy in its normal state of not being installed on the system to which it is attached. Even when it was installed on the system, and the hard drive, it really was kind of, well, boring - uninspiring. While defining hotkeys is certainly useful, every distro provides for that...
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    [how-to] Keep Linux closer to the size on the day you installed it

    And you are probably right. What is important is whether you want the installed distro to remain totally inert, or you just want to ensure that the only reason for growth is that it continues to do what you want it to do - functionality and in performance. None of mine have ever stayed...
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    Which Linux distribution should I install?

    You have a good machine, and what Tolkem has recommended is also good. We all have opinions on which Linux to distro to start with, but today I'm not going to participate in a distro war ;) So download the two that Tolkem recommended, they both (I believe) have a try before installing option...
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    Microsoft: we were wrong about open source

    Microsoft: It's all about market share, and influence on the market share that they don't have. They are not friends of Linux, "friendly" language notwithstanding. Apple/Mac: They carved out a "market share" with exclusivity; remember their completely unique hardware in the '80s. Then they...
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    Hp Deskjet 1512 Printer failed-"The cups daemon isn't running." Quote from

    Also, but this takes a while: sudo dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/sd<whatever> status=progress Be very careful with the "whatever", be certain it's the USB drive and not / or /home. That overwrites every bit with zeroes, including the partition table, every partition structure, and data. Then you...