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    GRUB Configuration

    The GRand Unified Bootloader (GRUB) is used by systems to take control after the system BIOS is completed. GRUB may then show a menu to allow a user to choose from multiple Operating Systems (OS) or kernels of a specific OS. With GRUB there are many configurable settings you can make on a...
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    Using Docker Volumes

    When using Docker it is sometimes necessary to update files quite often. Updating those files can be a big hassle since the whole container must be recreated each time. For instance, if you set up a website in Docker you would have to rebuild the container every time you wanted to change any...
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    ISO File Manipulation

    Like everything else it seems.... there are always exceptions.
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    PlayStation 1 and 2 on Linux

    Try for ones you own or may be free.
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    Multi-boot Full Install to a USB

    Sometimes you may need a ‘Fix Stick’ to repair to test a system. But what if there is a mix of Distros you deal with? For instance, some systems are Ubuntu based and others are Red Hat. You may want to have specific programs for each type. What if Windows is thrown into the mix? Maybe you...
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    Docker Basics and Install

    I have only really tried Ubuntu and Fedora. Sorry. Most of the basics should be similar though.
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    [Solved] Making iso file from DVD

    I believe part of that is the file itself. Once mounted it is fine. When you "burn" the image to a disc or device the "file" part is removed and the extra '/.' is not seen.
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    Can't use Linux to make a USB visible in Windows

    Try another program like Balena Etcher found at This program will place the ISO file on the pendrive just fine.
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    [Solved] Making iso file from DVD

    Check out my article on ISO File Manipulation, more specifically the area dealing with 'gnome-disks'. The 'Disks' program does very well on bootable devices. Brasero would also be good for a Disc Copy saved to an ISO file.
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    ISO File Manipulation

    The ISO file is a standard (ISO-9660) to store data on optical media. In some cases the image is an exact duplicate of a disk. The data being saved can not only include the files themselves, but the folder structure, attributes of the files and boot information. ISO files usually contain a...
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    USB Live Peresistence

    If you want to make a Full install that works as if the USB drive were a hard drive then look at . If you are really wanting persistence then look at . One of...
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    [Solved] Can't boot live by bootable usb stick

    When the second picture appears you can press the Escape key. You should now see a listing of the 'behind the scenes' and you can see any error messages. You should also see what is going on when it all hangs. This can help give you a clue. I have had two system lately that needed a BIOS...
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    Creating a Docker Container

    I plan on writing a few articles on Docker. Over the span of all the articles I should hopefully cover all the commands. I am getting ready to upload an article on docker-compose (April 2019).
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    LFCS Training – Secure Shell (SSH)

    Secure Shell (SSH) allows for encrypted connections between two systems. The encryption method can be changed to your preference as we will cover in this article. Also we will go over the ways to authenticate, copy files between systems and log onto multiple systems at once. Client Names...
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    Docker Container Advanced Creation

    We previously looked at making a basic Docker container which allowed interaction from a user. The container could be used on another system by being moved to another Linux Operating System or even a Windows or MacOS system running Docker. In this article we will be going over making a more...