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    Kali installed on USB, but grub is missing

    To clarify, my macbook is the actual hardware (which indeed has an internal SSD which now has gotten the grub install on it, even tho during installation i specifiy to place the grub install onto the usb device. So essentially i boot my live usb through my macbook, to install it on another usb...
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    Unable to Update

    Seems you dont have the correct repositories in your "sources.list" file. Instructions on how to edit this, and the correct repo's needed you can refer to the official kali site >
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    Kali installed on USB, but grub is missing

    Let me start off by acknowledging that i might be slightly out of my league using Kali, however im spending multiple hours per day educating my self more and more. Coming here for help is kindof my final move, i've tried it all and searched high and low without a solution. My issue is as...