look i run arch nvm artix i run vim nvm nvim okay i don't run floating window managers idont even know what that is, i3wm nvm i3wm-gaps okay sorry if you are running ubuntu you might as well be running windows which is basically just a wormhole to the NSA/ CIA / FBI / ATF/ DHS / Israel / IDF / Mussad okay i am not elitist, but i don't use my mouse i don't even take my hands off the homerow i don't use qwerty i us dvorak okay i don't have my money in a bank either i have my money stashed in 100 tons of pre-1982 copper pennies in my crawlspace of my house buried in my backyard and in other undisclosed locations you will never find out about, i don't pay taxes i don't use public roads i have never gone to the doctor, the dentist. i use traditional medicines and nootropics, i dont have internet either i mail encrypted letters to a different individuals in various places across the world that then upload the information to the web afterwards burning the letters, computer, and house. i don't have fingerprints i dont have a ssn, i am stateless i don't have teeth, i am constantly changing my dna through my radiation gun. my only possesions are a laptop created from old masonic schematics copied from the atlantis scrolls from the alexandria library, a fedora, traditional japanese katana, and two books: the bible, harry potter and the prisoner of azkaban, i do not wear clothing nor do i shave/ shower/ use toilet paper. if you want to message me then write down your message in invisible ink encrypted with an old nazi enigma onto a scrap piece of paper put it into a bottle and throw it into the atlantic, pacific, indian, or arctic, i will reply back within 5 years in the form of contrails over your location, the code used will be self evident but if you can't figure it out then you were not worthy of the information in the first place, everything here is 100% accurate if you notice any discrepencies send me a message using the method described above
Jun 27, 1978 (Age: 45)


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