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    I have 5 days left to complete my new year's resolution of switching to Linux. How do I do it as smoothly as possible?

    I have 3 things I need to do before it. 1. My school project. It takes place inside a native game but it's map editor is not native. I heard it can be run with Wine but I'm unsure of it's reliability. 1.5 Winrar. To use the game's editor I need Winrar because of the zip and store options. No...
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    I want to create my own distro as a hobby. How do I start?

    Contemplating should I make it based on a distro or standalone?
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    Can I use my main pc for gaming and my new laptop for Linux stuff?

    Sounds simple, right? Well. I kinda game more on my laptop ever since I got it 4 days ago. Actually I haven't even booted up my PC since then. If you are wondering I needed to get a laptop for a presentation in which I am making a 1:1 map of a small part my local area in a video game called Euro...
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    I think I'm being peer pressured into using Linux.

    I want to use Kubuntu.
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    I think I'm being peer pressured into using Linux.

    Everyone around me uses it. And when I go to r/linuxmasterrace I only see windows hate.
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    I don't want to dual boot

    Don't you need a 2nd gpu for that?
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    I don't want to dual boot

    I have a few games that for the love of God won't run on Linux. Neither with Wine or Proton. But I don't want to dual boot. What do I do now?
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    Ubuntu login loop

    Ok I managed to fix it. I login onto shell and updated my drivers.
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    Ubuntu login loop

    I enter my password correctly but it reboots back to the login screen.
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    Recommended distro for a family's pc?

    Hello. My family's pc is really slow and barely can run Windows 10 I'm thinking of putting Linux on it. What distro is good? Cpu amd e1-2500, and Radeon HD 8240, 3gb ram, 500gb hdd,
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    Linux Mint slow internet

    My internet is 40 Mbps. But I only get 10 on Linux Mint. Why?
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    Alternatives to Ubuntu?

    Ok. Turns out when I installed Ubuntu I ran it in BIOS mode instead of Uefi. Cause there are two option for my USB. One just says Kingston and the other says Uefi Kingston.
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    Alternatives to Ubuntu?

    Sorry. Just installed Mint and it worked.