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    Install Nessus Vulnerability Scanner To Linux

    I want to install nessus non commercial version into my Linux ubuntu box. How can I get and install nessus? Thanks
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    ntpdate not work properly

    Hello there The following link about NTP server installation and configuration will help you.
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    Listing Services with Systemctl

    I want to list services currently installed in an ubuntu box. Also want to list the status of the listed services. Thanks
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    Remove older backups like 1 month

    Hi, Same hard drive as the OS Only for files stored in linux
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    Remove older backups like 1 month

    I have some backup files which are created in a Daily manner. After some time they take a lot of space and i want to delete them according to their time stamp like delete 1 month olders. Thanks.
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    Opened File Accessor

    I want to remove a file in my home directory. But when I try to remove with with rm command I can not because given file is used by other processes. How can a find or list the processes which is opened or using this file? Thanks
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    File Permission of The Sh Files

    I have a Directory where a lot of bash script or sh file exist. I want to change their permission to the 770 with the chmod command. How can i accomplish that? Thanks.
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    Bash User Input

    I am writing a script which requires user input. How can I prompt for user input to use in my bash script.Thanks for your offer to help. I'm very grateful.
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    SCP Escape path

    I want to escaspe spaces while using scp command destination how can I specify the escape sequences.
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    I don't want to dual boot

    just virtual machine enough
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    Exclude unwanted string from Linux grep

    Thanks for your offer to help
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    List Linux KVM VM IP Address ?

    Thanks for your offer to help.
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    How can I find suid files In Linux?

    From security perspective of my linux boxes I want to list suid enabled files with the find command.
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    How to search multiple terms in Google?

    Thanks for your offer to help. I'm very grateful.
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    How to search multiple terms in Google?

    Google search supports multiple terms with the AND logic. You can use "file:txt AND" in your search. For more details look