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    New to the new :)

    Thanks boss =D I was about to write a pm or mail and askif you want or need some help here, been modding but that is dead now after many years. Linuxtracker aswell for a bit. Anyway, feel like i wanna be a part of something like this, became Silver member earlier. Every penny counts...
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    Debian bootloader problems sorry for borrowing the thread ;)
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    Debian bootloader problems

    Just dropping by, i must say that your posts Wizard containing all links and info is so awesome :) love seeing this, used to be a moderator @ a swedish Ubuntu forum (no longer online) I know i did some back then, starting to itch in my fingers to get in to it again =D Spend so much time online...
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    New to the new :)

    :D true true. Yeah im enjoying it...feels good not needing to configurate or fiddle around. I just want it running and do what i want...and it does ;)
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    New to the new :)

    Oh, from a land down under =D Thats gonna get strange to be online at the same time then, well a nightowl so might be able haha :)
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    Linux as MS replacement newby

    Most modern distros when installing is asking if you wanna install alongside Win10 or whatever you got. You can also choose to wipe it and start fresh, but a dualboot is a good thing if you still need documents and such :)
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    ISO Ubuntu

    I agree on the above, easier to try and play around and bigger chance of working with usb. Hope you solve it
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    New to the new :)

    Yeah btw,,i suck at writing these things. Feel free to ask anything or drop me a mail/pm or something
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    New to the new :)

    Hi, im Fredrik, 37 yrs young New to the new management and site, looks and feels fresh, been fiddling aroud with Linux since 9.04. always had at least one machine running some Linux, distrohopping you know =D Settled now on my main laptop on latest Mint Cinnamon, to old and tired of fiddling...