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    Patch vs Distribution

    @captain-sensible you could try running Guix that's one of the 100% free and opensource distributions.
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    Cloud vs Local

    The most GNU/Linux distributions aren't depended on a company but on a community. I don't see how it would be possible for those distributions to become cloud only and unusable without an internet connection and even the ones backed by companies like RHEL, Ubuntu and SLES. I don't really see it...
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    Issue after removing dual boot linux

    You have to remove the Ubuntu entry from the UEFI Boot Manager. Under Linux this is done with the command efibootmgr. I have no idea how this is done under Windows, but I'm sure you will be able to find out how this is done under Windows yourself(google is your friend).
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    Gaming on Linux is awesome

    I disagree that wine is good for gaming, I think you mean proton is good for Linux gaming and with that I do agree. Apart from working on proton Steam has already ported a lot of games to Linux and is still working on getting more ported, I don't think Ubisoft will be adding Linux support to...
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    Gaming on Linux is awesome

    That video was also mentioned here ;) also check out the one from LTT: PopOS looks great for gaming, I have never tried it. Although rolling release distributions are even better for gaming since they have access to all the most recent and most updated software.
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    how to send email to Distribution list from CentOS

    You would have to search in your maillog for both the mail delivery attempts for the mails sent to [email protected] and [email protected] This way you can find the mail id's and use those to track the route the mail is taking and following the route by checking different mailserver...
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    postfix blacklist

    You are mixing the settings of different smtpd access restrictions using some settings where they don't belong. Have a look at the example from the postfix documentation website. Below the example you have a table of the different smtpd restrictions where you can click on to see which settings...
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    Cheap Mobo for Ryzen 3600 (Linux)

    Search for the B450M-A in the search of the Mint link I gave you, so this one. That will probably be your best option from what I can find so far in the Mint hardware database. Here are the hardware specs on the Asus website: "AMD AM4 Socket for 3rd/2nd/1st Gen AMD Ryzen™ / 2nd and 1st Gen AMD...
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    Cheap Mobo for Ryzen 3600 (Linux)

    Be aware that is a really old motherboard since it's an AM3 motherboard, you will need an AM4 motherboard if you want a ryzen processor in it.
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    Cheap Mobo for Ryzen 3600 (Linux)

    OP is still deciding what hardware to buy because they want to be sure it has Linux compatibly so booting from a Live USB is not an option right now.
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    Cheap Mobo for Ryzen 3600 (Linux)

    This Ubuntu link might be helpful as well as this Mint Link.
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    Cheap Mobo for Ryzen 3600 (Linux)

    Yes you wanted to be sure what you buy has Linux support the only easy way to be sure of that is buy a system from a company that guarantees their hardware supports Linux. Also you don't get to choose de base system but do get to choose what else you put in it. I'm trying to make your chose...
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    Cheap Mobo for Ryzen 3600 (Linux)

    Just for your information the System76 systems are guaranteed to run Linux because they are built to have Linux support and compatibility. Other wise you can also have a look at Slimbook they also seem to offer Desktop Systems.
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    Cheap Mobo for Ryzen 3600 (Linux)

    I just remembered System76 sell systems with guaranteed Linux compatibility. You should have a look there. Otherwise you should have a look at Lenovo systems I remember that they recently announced to support Linux as well.
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    Nvidia Is Preparing An Unexpected Surprise For Linux Users In 2020

    Interesting! Looking forward to hear what will be announced at that conference! Although to be honest I've never had any problems with nvidia drivers.