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    New Hardware

    I have now. Thank you kindly.
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    New Hardware

    This seemed like the best place to ask, anyone have some recommended reading for raspberry pi or arduino weather station setup ? Trying to wrap my head around how to construct and how the sensor modules incorporate. Complete noob on this front
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    Linux mint is friendly to beginners. And xfce is friendly to older computers

    Linux mint is friendly to beginners. And xfce is friendly to older computers
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    Linux Maintenance

    Although it is most likely not relevant for you, I would be remiss if I did not mention this similar mouse freeze that I have experienced. Use it for what it is worth, or discard accordingly...
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    Need help finding a laptop for college under 500

    Call me dated, but I use thinkpad laptops for a variety of purposes dated from 2012-2014. They handle W10 and Linux OS alike very well, and perform for my purposes. Without specifying what the intended use is, I will classify that as, general. I use an X220 as my daily driver and swap drives...
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    Post a screenshot of your Desktop

    That is just way too cool !
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    My situation in the first two months of 2020. How do you feel???

    I am glad to hear that you folks have progress. my prayers and best wishes of godspeed for her recovery. Best regards
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    USB 3.0 interference with 2.4GHz Logitech K520/M310 Wireless Keyboard & Mouse

    I did the same. moving proximity fixed the interference. Glad you were able to fix!
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    Rock Roxx

    This sums up my background. Corney as it may be
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    Rock Roxx

    That was uniquely enjoyable. Thank you
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    Rock Roxx

    Thank you ! I miss Gallagher and some of that good humor ! May God, Kharma, Allah, etc... per your belief ,keep, strengthen, and comfort all of us through this global crisis. Amen
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    Live USB with persistence

    I can't speak to that as I used it in win10. I know it is dated, but gurgle produced this article Now I am going to have to see if it does work.
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    Live USB with persistence

    I didn't know about UNetbootin. I used Rufus to put mint 19.2 on a 128gb usb with persistence. Same level of joy from me. It allowed me to set up programs I use for testing laptops without drives. This way I can run some tests and generate and save reports without having to install the same...
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    Rock Roxx

    Forgot one.
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    Rock Roxx

    Sorry, had to.