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    Virtualize physical linux server on Hyper-V

    This may help.
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    GNOME Desktop Environment Not Working

    apt update apt reinstall gnome If the above does not work. apt remove gnome apt install gnome Or reinstall kali with different options.
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    System Linux - Audit -

    There are lots of ways to find the answer to each individual item. Some commands provide general information while others will provide very detailed information. Your reply is very difficult to parse quite like your initial post. System OS and CPU: "uname -a" Services: depends on OS, "services...
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    System Linux - Audit -

    What is meant by "get all data about a system"? All hardware information? Data about used and available resources hardware and/or services? Security and/or logging implementations? The statement "get all data about a system" is to general and should be better defined to provide the correct...
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    Log in issue

    Try logging in with "kali" for username. Or follow the instructions in the link below. The install probably failed to create the user account "root" because there is already one in /etc/shadow and /etc/passwd. When following the walk through it maybe worth while checking /etc/shadow for all the...
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    cannot access any website, internet is fine- connection timed out

    Have you tried other connections besides bridged? What does the network look like to you your host system? Is it "Private", "Work", "Public"? This could apply a different firewall at the host level between your VM and the internet than what is applied to your host to the internet. This is...
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    SCP in a script

    Yes that is an inherited risk by automating to that degree. That risk can be mitigated through a few methods. 1. Manually copy the key to the server either through ssh or scp without providing the password in the command. You will be prompted for the password and won't be available in clear...
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    SCP in a script

    You don't actually supply the public key when using scp. You are going to want to supply the private key of the account being used on the destination when using "scp -i file". Or a more secure option might be to create a service like account with the only purpose and permissions to perform scp...
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    Linux/|Windows disk partitions

    With Ubuntu I would use gparted to manage disk space for your Linux partitions. On windows I would use disk management. I would assign the extra space to windows before assigning the rest to Linux. Windows is pickier about disk allocation.
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    hello sir

    @arochester Your statement is only true for older versions of Kali. Kali recently restructured user permissions and now loads a standard user by default. @Ravichandran Your question is not clear. Do you believe that you set a password that is...
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    VirtualBox - Can't load boot medium

    Did you rename "VirtualXPVHD" to "Windows XP.vhd"? There could be one of two things wrong. One you didn't rename the file and created a new disk. Two Linux version of VirtualBox doesn't like the format of the file name. I always attempt to stay away from spaces with any file name in Linux. To...
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    VirtualBox - Can't load boot medium

    Is the .vhd file something you created or a file you were given/downloaded? Did you install XP on the drive (.vhd) or are you trying to boot a vm someone else created?
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    command is disappeared in crontab -e

    What OS are you using? Try looking in /var/log for cron or cron.log. You may see it there if it ever ran. Copy command and recreate cron job.
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    I broke my computer

    You may have to start from scratch. Every article I have read involving dual booting Windows and Linux requires Windows first. I believe this is because Windows MBR doesn't install correctly when installed after Linux. Where as GRUB will recognize both the boot directory for Linux and the MBR...
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    How to send my to a .txt file?

    you don't need a script to do a continuous ping in Linux. Continuous is the default. What is pong and what purpose does it serve in the script? Try "ping hostname >> ping.txt"