I am glad to be a member of linux.org now.

I started using computers when DOS 3.0 was around. I liked DOS because you kind of had to investigate what directories things you loaded on your computer went to. I also liked using DOS commands. It really helped me learn in a minor way what command lines were, how they were written and how directories were set up. It gave me a real understanding of how computer operate. Something you don’t get from using “Windows” operating systems packages that do everything for you behind the scenes.
I really have not liked using Microsoft products since they stopped using the DOS versions. Since they switched to the “Windows” style operating systems I have liked them less and less. I have gotten to the point that long ago I really started to hate “Windows” and wanted to get away from it.

I have been interested in “Linux” for many years now and have always wanted to learn how to use it. Now that I am retired I have the time and motivation to start taking the tutorials to learn about it. I eventually hope to use one of the many versions of Linux on my computer eventually.

I am sure at some point I will be asking a lot of questions.
Jun 8, 1955 (Age: 68)
Retired Accontng Technician


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