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    USB stick write protect

    That is a very good point, maybe @KGIII will do an article on this. The quick and dirty way to do this is... lets say you typed a command like fsck or dd Then in the second console windows, to find it, you would type... ps -ef | grep dd or ps -ef | grep fsck That will give some output...
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    USB stick write protect

    I have had some luck "recovering" USB Thumb drives. If the data is important, and you can copy it off, make a backup. At least temporarily. Note some of the commands can lock up your screen. They won't hurt your computer, but the command might lock up the terminal, so it's a good idea to have...
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    How to identity which container that calling IP on port

    Try... lsof -i udp | grep 137 Docker makes it a little more complicated. docker inspect should show all ports a container is using. Also your Dockerfile will likely have ports to expose as well. You say from this server to another. That can only happen if the other server is listening to...
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    initrd vs initramfs

    what is the difference between initrd and iniramfs ChatGPT initrd and initramfs (initial ramdisk and initial ram filesystem, respectively) are both used in the Linux kernel during the boot process to provide an initial root file system in memory before the actual root file system on the disk is...
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    The web camera of my laptop doesn't seem to work

    Test the cam without Teams. Does cheese work?
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    How to identity which container that calling IP on port

    Do you have lsof installed? lsof -i | grep 137
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    Debian WIFI password display

    The other way I have gotten around this, is to use nmcli from the command ine as root. Make the wifi-connection in nmcli as root, you will have to type the password out in clear text when you make the connection, but no one else can see roots history. Or you can delete the history if you want...
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    The web camera of my laptop doesn't seem to work

    I usually have to install "cheese" sometimes on some of my laptops. Then it usually works. I usually don't have to do this for my USB webcam.
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    Installing and Playing Pingus

    For fedora.. dnf install -y pingus It's in the standard repos. I forgot about lemmings. :)
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    Init system It does appear that sysV init is the "default" in MX Linux. I personally couldn't disagree more. I find systemd easier, more powerful, and more flexible, not to mention generally more reliable. But to each his own. Up until recently, a lot of...
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    Xorg doesnt work with most linux distributions on this one silly laptop.

    Mostly true, but some of their spins, such as MATE Desktop still run under X11.
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    No sound but Linux thinks audio played

    It's easy to re-install the GUI. It might not be what you want to do. But it is easy to do. dnf grouplist dnf group install 'Server with GUI' 'GNOME Desktop Environment' 'Sound and Video' 'Graphical Internet' One thing you can try. If you run the command above, it won't actually install...
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    No sound but Linux thinks audio played,and%20the%20availability%20of%20the%20Pipewire%20audio%20server. Had the same problem, went back to graphical mode, it started working.
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    Still not 100%. But I noticed Mickey$oft discontinued the Teams client for Linux. They want you to use the browser version now.
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    Mint Mate 21.2, HDMI Scaling User Defined (1,4) sets back

    Which graphics card?