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    Which high-level language should I choose for server-side systems programming?

    I thought 17 already has been for a while. Easy to learn is kind of subjective :D
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    Console based Word Processors?

    To me, vi and emacs qualify. I can just about everything I can do in Word. Even some things Word can't do.
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    Which high-level language should I choose for server-side systems programming?

    If performance matters, then compiled byte code will always beat interpreted run time languages. Not sure Bash qualifies as "high level" :) I use it more than anything else. It is handy for a lot of things. But you can't do things like make system calls directly. Most of the time you're...
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    genisoimage worked with weird results

    A directory isn't really a filesystem. You would need to do this with fdisk or LVM or some way to make a real filesystem partition, not just a directory on a filesystem. Then you make the partition the size you want the image to be. Around 700 MB for a CD, about 4.6GB for a DVD, maybe bigger...
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    VM NAT Private IP Address

    CIDR is simply just another notation style. For example... = /24 in CIDR = /25 In VirtualBox, if you want your network to be the same subnet as your host system changed the 'NAT' network setting to 'Bridged'.
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    X server not running

    Is this a systemd distro? Try this as root systemctl set-default I have to admit, I find it a little ironic,you are trying to run X in a distro called "anti"X! :)
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    Why do you use a specific Linux Distro as a Daily Driver !

    That is a good point. I admit I am spoiled here. But it is a consideration as to why someone might choose a specific distro over another one. I do have a question however... When you download the "all in one" (everything on the DVD/iso image) distro. Isn't it just as big? In fact it seems...
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    The Fedora - Redhat connection

    Someone created a thread here a while back, about the state of the Linux desktop. They say it lacks development compared to Windows. I suppose that could be true, I don't know. But I do have to admit... that from a Desktop Environment, Window Mngr perspective... but other than wayland (which...
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    The Fedora - Redhat connection

    I always thought everyone knew this, but apparently it's new to some. Most of the newer releases of Redhat are based on an older version of Fedora. (Since Redhat 4 anyway) Now obviously, this goes for alll the Redhat Clones as well. (...
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    Why do you use a specific Linux Distro as a Daily Driver !

    If you do a netinstall instead of a WorkStation install. You can pick the specific packages during install. To each his own. I find MATE more functional.
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    CentOS/RHEL preserve "ip link set" settings

    I think you could do all of this in NetworkManager.
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    Do I need "dnf check-update"?

    That just tells what's going to be updated. You get the same info with a.. dnf update But dnf does cache of a timer. So if you want to force a rescan of new packages, you can do a dnf clean all
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    Is it possible to have 2 Operating Systems booted at the same time. 2nd being live from USB stick?

    Changes daily. Just pick one and go with it. They are all pretty similar.
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    [solved] Network-Manager automatically disconnects after 20 seconds

    Looks like a GSM modem. Are you trying to connect to a cell tower? Do you have a SIM card with credentials?