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    Help with counting results

    You are right, I read that wrong. :) you could put it in a loop
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    Help with counting results

    sudo find . -name "*dbf*" | wc -l This doesn't do that? I know... ls *.dbf | wc -l ... does do this.
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    Wifi and Linux

    I would think you should be fine. I have a fedora box running with an atheros 9k chip. What many people do, is try booting from a "live" USB or DVD version of the distro they want to use. Then just connect to your local wifi the way you normally would. 95% of the time, it really is that easy.
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    Wifi and Linux

    Many people (including myself) use wifi on Linux everyday. Having said that. It's not always as easy as doing it "the windows way". A lot of it depends on two things. 1. Which distro of Linux do you want to use? 2. Which wifi card do you have in your computer? (As a rule Intel based wifi...
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    mounting NAS on CentOS 6.1

    My first thought thought here is... either your nfs server, or your nfs client isn't installed. Can you show the output of "yum list installed | grep nfs". service nfs status service rpcbind status Another possibility is your firewall is blocking the nfs port. Are ports 111 and 2049 open...
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    Cost of Linux sound Outrageous ?

    I am not exactly sure what the thoroughbred 8.8.2 kernel is. Do you have any links or documents about this. The newest Linux kernel as of today is 5.2.14
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    What Do You Guys Think Of The BSDs?

    BSD isn't a filesystem. It's an OS (Berkeley Software). It's is much like Linux. I would say 90% of the commands are the same. There are pro's and con's. Pros... It is supposed to be faster and more secure than Linux. Cons... It has a lot less developers, therefore less software packages...
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    Learning how to calculate a subnet

    I'm not sure I would say /16 is a "default" :) Usually /24 is the most common. Here is a link to a CIDR calaculator A /16 is the same thing as a This will give you over 65,000 subnets. This closest number that can be divided by 4 is...
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    Timeshift & Similar Solutions - Safeguard & Recover Your Linux

    acpi, is what tells you hard drive and monitor to go to sleep when you don't use it for a while. "Usually" you can disable this in the BIOS/UEFI. Sometimes it has to be changed in two places. For example, one of my PC's has an "auto power on" setting. I leave it turned on. If the power goes...
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    Timeshift & Similar Solutions - Safeguard & Recover Your Linux

    So it looks like you have 3 hard drives here. /dev/nvme0n1: 931.5 GiB /dev/sda: 232.9 GiB /dev/sdb: 931.5 GiB It looks like the first one is your primary system you were using when you typed these commands. It appears you are only using about 95 GB of this disk. (That leaves over 800GB...
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    conforming available space

    "slash" is a directory that looks like this / (nothing after the slash) /dev/sda5 is your "slash" directory. At the end of the line you see a / This is more or less your c: drive in windows. At least from what you are displaying above, you have no other disk partitions. except for swap. You...
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    Timeshift & Similar Solutions - Safeguard & Recover Your Linux

    It doesn't matter. But "with" would be interesting.
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    Installing Kali linux on a logical partition

    That only if you're not using GPT. GPT supports 128 primary partitions. If you're using MS-DOS style partition table, then you can only have 4.
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    Timeshift & Similar Solutions - Safeguard & Recover Your Linux

    It would interesting to see the output of fdisk -l from a console, ( sudo might be required) Also the output of df -h from a console. (I'm not sure how timeshift maps partitions).
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    installing PHP on Xubuntu after apache installation

    Maybe I'm missing something here but why not just use the default apt install? sudo apt install php