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    Problem with Dell Inspiron

    The Intel Rapid Storage Technology (RST) "Usually" works with Enterprise versions of Linux. (i.e. Redhat, CentOS, SuSE, Oracle Unbreakable) as these have the drivers in the Kernel. NVME doesn't make...
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    Cloud vs Local
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    Cloud vs Local

    Fair enough.
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    Cloud vs Local,Lenovo%20plant%20in%20Monterey%2C%20Mexico. Lenovo officially acquires IBM's x86 server business Wednesday, promising a seamless...
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    Cloud vs Local,acquired%20software%20company%20SPSS%20Inc.&text=In%202014%20IBM%20announced%20it,to%20Lenovo%20for%20%242.1%20billion. In 2005 the company sold its personal computer business to Chinese technology company Lenovo[31]...
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    “Unable to create io-slave” error

    First thought is permissions. Have you tried doing this as root or with "sudo"?
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    Getting set up

    This is mostly true for me. I have 12 computers made by different manufacturers and they all run Linux fine for me. One exception... I do pay attention to the WiFi chipset. I tend to lean towards Intel here. Some Realtek, and Broadcom Wifi chipsets have been problematic. I've gotten around...
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    Cloud vs Local

    The company I work for tends to like Microsoft (hey, I just work here) But because of this, we use Azure as our cloud platform. The "default" Linux in Azure is Ubuntu LTS. Because of the Microsoft/Ubuntu relationship. You can pick other distro's if you want to. There are about 8 or so...
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    Beginner book. Price isn't bad. The book is a little on the campy/hokey side. But it is helpful for beginners. Besides it's hard to go wrong for $2.90 (US)
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    Add ssl_mod to existing apache server?

    Yes, but this is the other problem with doing it this way. You have to keep the target system exactly in sync with the download system. If one has packages installed that the other doesn't, it won't download the ones it already has installed. So you have to do something like this... on...
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    Cloud vs Local

    I actually agree with you here, but as you said, I would divide "workstation" systems from "server" systems. (Usually most systems are a little of both, but you know what I mean). I doubt the servers that are usually used by corporations will ever have cloud dependencies. (Although I manage a...
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    Add ssl_mod to existing apache server?

    Welcome to what is affectionately known amongst Linux users as "dependency hell". you can type... yum whatprovides /etc/mime.types The answer will be mailcap. But mailcap will require other programs, which require other programs... It's a lot easier if you have internet access, or a...
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    Getting set up

    Lenovo sells laptops with fedora or Ubuntu installed. There are likely other manufacturers as well. The nice thing about this, is you don't have to install it yourself. The other nice thing is, you know all the components work, the video, the sound, the wifi, etc... The down side, if you...
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    Add ssl_mod to existing apache server?

    Do you have another redhat 7 system with internet access? Do you have a "staging" yum server? If so, you could do a yum install mod_ssl -y --downloadonly --downloaddir=. and then copy the files via USB thumb drive or something. Doing it without the automated install in a pain. There are...
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    Is anarchy Linux just an installer ?

    If I wrote an installer for MS windows, it would still be MS windows after it was installed. If I wrote an installer for Ubuntu, it would still be Ubuntu after it was installed. How can a distro be distinguished? Actually it's a lot easier these days than it used to be. :) First there is...