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    Macbook late 2009

    I have been having my MacBook running Elementary os freeze up I have tried other Debian and ubuntu os's It freezes up during downloads and background changes. I have upgraded the ram to 8GB and am wondering if that would make it unstable?
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    So is this a Debian install using the cinnamon launcher?
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    Will have to try that.
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    Does linux run minecraft better then windows? Which distribution should I choose?

    You can play faster technically on windows because the installation of optifine is faster if you use it.
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    can i move to linux without usb or pendrive..?

    Yes counting that your bios supports it it should be almost the same as usb.
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    Laptop games

    What are people's fav laptop games? Mine are ES 4 oblivion
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    Secure Single Board Computer

    Atomic pi?
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    Hello my friends I have general questions I wish I get helpful answers or advices

    - is there way to install office (word, excel) or apps like it Libreoffice
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    XPS 9510 Screen turning black

    Did you buy the laptop new also does it happen when connected to an external monitor?
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    Does any one use a fingerprint scanner on Linux?

    Just bought a laptop I dont have much use for the fingerprint scanner but just want to know if its usable?
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    Mouse scrolling in reverse direction

    Around 11 KGlll will be on he most likely will be able to help you.
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    Mouse scrolling in reverse direction

    Check your mouse/touchpad settings there should be a setting that you can switch in there to fix it.
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    How many people use on mobile?
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    Lenovo IdeaPad 710S. Is Dual-boot still not possible?

    I feel like I am the only one that has done stuff like that. It should be the same as setting up a dual boot but I have only done it with a single boot. For doing it though you would have to remove the hard drive and for your case a spare m.2 slot in another pc.