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    The Sad State Of Web Browser Support Currently Within Debian

    I run Debian unstable, Firefox 95 just updated today. One day after it was officially released. Chromium, I use the flatpak, which is version 96.0.4664.93.
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    Simple CLI cpu. memory, and process stats.

    I like bpytop
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    Raspberry Pi OS/Debian App Stores/GUI Package Managers

    Raspberry PI OS / Debian GUI Package Managers(App Stores) Gnome-Software (Removes pi-package/Add/Remove) Application manager for GNOME sudo apt install gnome-software gnome-software-plugin-flatpak gnome-software-plugin-snap flatpak snapd...
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    Flatpak Is Not the Future

    Neat little update script.
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    Post screenshots of the games you play on GNU/Linux

    how about the Games menu?
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    Raspberry Pi Updates

    package-update-indicator which I assume is what the Bullseye version is using, is actually rather neat. You can use it along with unattended-updates to download packages in the background. Then you can run sudo apt upgrade whenever you feel like it.
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    Stream with Raspberry Pi 4

    Pi 4 4GB will work. Just need OBS Studio. You can either build it from the github or use pi-apps to install it.
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    What have you added to your bashrc?

    Here is what I have added to mine: Edited: Removed thef*** # Powerline . /usr/share/powerline/bindings/bash/ # Midnight Commander . /usr/lib/mc/ # Fix for my messed up PATH PATH=$PATH:/home/pi/bin:/usr/local/sbin:/usr/sbin:/sbin:/home/pi/.local/bin # fzf...
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    Note taking apps

    Simplenotes. and Codex for code.
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    appimage flatpak ,snap or other

    Here's another one: app-outlet/app-outlet: A Universal linux app store
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    What best distro for gaming?

    The same as the best distro for anything else. Any of them.
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    youtube leaving roku. is Raspberry Pi a good substitute
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    Post screenshots of the games you play on GNU/Linux

    Crossfire, not one of those newfangled games....
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    Today's article is about nano - I reference it often, but never told folks how to install it.