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I aim to be a gentleman.

Follower of Christ, Sci-fi/book/computer/ nerd, social introvert, sensitive, gentle.
I love classical/new classical/piano music. Example: Austin Farwell, Johannes Barnlof, Mark Jubel.
I love photography, and I have a gift at writing.
Apr 19, 1997 (Age: 25)
caregiver, and future computer/IT guy.


My main daily driver is Linux Mint "21 (Vanessa)" Cinnamon
My laptop specs are as follows:
HP Pavillion, Ryzen 5 4500U (Six cores, 2.3 GHz) with "Radeon Graphics"
16 GB of G.Skill RAM, 500 GB NVME
Need more details? See Linux Forum:
I am a very new and quite happy Linux user.
Also I love mint flavored tea. Cheers!


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