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    Which 'dbus' directory are they reffering to ?

    This could be a simple qustion for somebody who done this before to answer. ( Please no RTFM suggestions at this point) This is a text of original dbus session,conf file - located in /etc/dbus-1 folder. It clearly REPLACES the original session.conf with /usr/DBUS/share/dbus-1/session.conf...
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    Where to change DBus naming "security"?

    The enclosed error tells me to change dbus "configuration" file. There are few problems with such laconic error. #1 There are no such things as single "configuration " files. #2 What I assume is main x.config ( NOT configuration - just conf ) has been deleted and replaced by others in...
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    Making "system" calls from within C++ code

    I like to use “system” calls to utilize “bluetoothctl” tool in C++ code. I have no problem with this code system("bluetoothctl help | tee /tmp/A_test_file.txt >&2"); It works as expected , outputting “help” to a file and to stderr. Then it returns to “normal” C++ code processing. I...
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    Implementing bluetooth in C++

    I am lacking some basic understanding of terminology when it comes to implementing Bluetooth. Would it be OK to ask few general questions here ? I am essentially basing my C++ code on "bluez" package - specifically using "hcI " functions. ( I may do d-bus later ) I am trying to make sense...
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    Where to learn more about BASH?

    Simple - you have theoretical knowledge , now is the time to find a project of interest and just apply what you have learn. I have been working with source code for "bluez" package, basically analyzing the "configure" script. About 15000 plus sparsely documented lines of bash / shell script...
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    How to get / echo positional parameters index

    I have this working and simple code to echo positional parameters VALUES for i do echo "Argument = $i " done Here is the actual output from the scrip Argument = --atleast-pkgconfig-version Argument = 0.9.0 It does the job, but ... I have been trying to figure out how to ADD an...
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    missing mount.pc

    After looking thru pkg-config it looks as I can build my own mount.pc. That means learning how to use autoconfig... Not sure if i need to build specific file format. It would be nice if I could find a mount.pc to copy.
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    missing mount.pc

    Ubuntu 16 The final product is bluez library for armhf.
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    missing mount.pc

    I really need some very basic help with Linux. I am trying to "configure" package and it needs to have access to dependency package "mount". The "pkg-config" in charge cannot find "mount.pc". It just does not exists on my OS. Mrs. Google keeps telling me HOW mount works and is silent about...
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    Passing complier output to bash

    Thanks for reply. I feel it would be pointless to analyze the way blues configure works. But I concur with your assessment - this particular code is "just there because". I am actually going out on the limb to say this may not be the actual compile , just a very weird way to check if the...
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    Passing complier output to bash

    This is one of those "it works fine until...". Background: I am executing bash script to build a C++ library. From options passed to the script it supposedly verify that selected crosscomplier is OK to use. To aid development the compiler is optioned with " -v -V -qversion " in " do...
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    How to delete "uninstalled" package

    To be brutally honest - I prefer low profile. At present I am up to my eyeballs in alligators and have very little interest in chit-chat on internet. Maybe later.
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    How to delete "uninstalled" package

    Yes, I am beginning to wonder how OS keeps track of package. As far as can tell it cares about name. Who keeps track of the versions is unknown to me so far. In my case in need the library and I need two different architectures. I do not see how I can have both "active" same time. But I...
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    How to delete "uninstalled" package

    Thanks for reply. I should clarify, I am just learning how to manipulate packages, but I believe package does not reside in single folder. But do not quote me. Also this is just learning / testing so some mistakes will happen. I am curious why you asked for distro. Isn't package pretty...
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    Why two diffretn answers for "architecture"?

    Here is the "real scoop". It looks as "an industry" could use different term when going from one version to another. In this particular case "they" PORT software from version "Goofy" to version "Donald". AND use same term PORT when the actual hardware changes. In short - "armhf"...