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    What Internet Browser(s) are you using

    @Aussie Girl I was in the US Army back in 1955 til 57 - drafted at the time. {Yes, we did have an active draft then}. However, while there I was in a post band at Ft Bliss in El Paso, TX. Did a lot of dancing on the weekends in El Paso and at the USO clubs. Really enjoyed the tango, and also...
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    What Internet Browser(s) are you using

    More of Caps' humor coming out! YAY for the Cap! OG
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    Installation error 5

    @Md Yeasin Nur Rahman @captain-sensible I would go along with what Cap said above. If possible, use a USB stick. We know that they work; not sure about SD cards. I will give that a try and report back on my results. OG TC
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    please give me suggestion

    @Md Yeasin Nur Rahman Greetings and welcome. I'm sure you will get the help you need at this forum. I have an ASUS netbook that I put Linux Mint Mate on. It is a low powered laptop with 4 mb ram. Mine is VivoBook X510QA_F510QA. It is not very old so I'm not sure if it all applies to your...
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    What Internet Browser(s) are you using

    @Aussie Girl @wizardfromoz Greetings and welcome, Aussie Girl, I am using Linux Mint 19.3 on this laptop I am writing this on. After reading about slimjet on your posts, I decided to give it a try. I'm using it right now and it seems to be working just fine. I have a friend who lives in WA...
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    Which office suite do you use?

    No question - Libre Office.
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    What are your hobbies?

    Since I am approaching maturity, golf has taken precedence over flying and other things. Had a hole-in-one last year at 84 years old. Looking for more this year. In other words - I just can't do what I used to do. LOL. OG TC
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    WIZARD offline again

    Enjoy the trip! OG
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    WIZARD offline again

    @captain-sensible I'm sure that it will be plenty. The distro is only about 2 gig. My set up is only about 7 gig. It's Mate with all the usual install programs that come with the package; in addition to a bunch of other stuff I have put on it - pictures, videos etc. Probably Cinnamon is a little...
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    WIZARD offline again

    @wizardfromoz How good it is to see you back my friend! Next time I see you, I will buy you a beer!!! OG
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    Fine tuning Linux Mint Mate 19.3 Password

    Hi Vicktoria, You can go to the 'menu' button in bottom left corner of desktop. Click on that. 'Menu' opens and you will see 'Control Center' on far left column. Click on that. Find 'Screensaver' in 'Look and Feel' section: Click on that. Then you will see this: Click on 'Power...
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    Linux parallel to windows 10

    @captain-sensible @Liispeth Greetings and Welcome, Liispeth, and hello Cap, I understand someone called for the Old Geezer to trundle on in and get more egg on his face. LOL. I have a fairly new HP Laptop with Win 10 on it. Don't know if this will work for you or not, but you could give it a...
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    tools for iso2usb

    @captain-sensible Hi Cap, I can report now on what happened with trying to get Ventoy to work. I decided to try downloading and installing on my 'experimental laptop' to see if there was any difference. There was. I followed your instructions from start to finish and it all worked out fine on my...
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    Kernel Panic on older laptop

    I knew it,,, you are in it for the money!!!!!! LOL. You're right, I will go bankrupt buying you guys beer all the time. LOL. OG
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    Kernel Panic on older laptop

    @captain-sensible @wizardfromoz Hey guys, I finished moving all my posts over to: See you there. Thanks. OG