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  1. Ramendu Narayan Datta
    Ramendu Narayan Datta
    I am activated linux But I am sorry to say that I cannot able to do Net banking of Bank of India as star token apps could not be downloaded
  2. subham Pratap Singh
  3. Edward Seago
  4. hops
    which which softwares are used to start and learn basics of hacking??????????????
  5. hops
    hello everbody
  6. blackneos940
    You aren't a man until you wipe your Drive by trying to Multi Boot with OpenBSD..... More than once.... Then you reinstall it ALL... :D
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    2. wizardfromoz
      I like that - I have turned enough Linux Distros into bricks that I could build a nice barbecue.
      May 17, 2017
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    3. blackneos940
      @wizardfromoz True enough..... :) OpenBSD seems to want ALL of your Hard Drive/SSD..... :) It will settle for nothing LESS....... :3
      May 17, 2017
    4. blackneos940
      May 17, 2017
  7. Rocky Bennett
    Rocky Bennett wizardfromoz
    Hey Buddy,
    I sure miss you over at Bleeping Computer. I searched all over the internet to find you and I am glad I found you here. I belong to at least half a dozen different Linux forums but I had to join this one just to say hi to you. I will look around and see if this one interests me.

    Have a good day buddy.

    Your Junior Linux Buddy,
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    2. wizardfromoz
      Still working out the protocols here, eg PMs but I'll duplicate this to your profile. My email is christurner1957@gmail.com, where we can talk more. My wife Elaine, who is sitting opposite me playing Solitaire joins me in being thrilled to hear from you, Junior. Later. Chris
      May 16, 2017
  8. atanere
    Back from vacation. I can see @Rob has been busy... the site looks great!
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  9. mike varela
  10. Samrat Sur
    Samrat Sur
    Just joined in Linux. Hope to learn new thing and get a chance to explore new things.
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  11. Hugh
    Hugh EzzY
    can I use Linux and windows 10 on same pc?
  12. Jay
    Jay Rob
    How do I get started?
  13. Ömer Faruk HEYBELİ
  14. Rob
    updating some things.. added a specific section for articles and put them on the front page
  15. RoseHosting
  16. Gainsboro Fedora
    Gainsboro Fedora
    Searching for Atomsk
  17. Arnoldus
    It's life Jim, but not as we know it...
  18. Wahyu Abadi
    Wahyu Abadi
    Hello, I'm linux user from Indonesia
  19. Rob
    Rob ccnotego
    Thanks for the support!
  20. Patrick Maki
    Patrick Maki
    Contemplating what Chuck Norris would do.
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