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TEAMNL(8)                                       Team Netlink Interface                                      TEAMNL(8)

       teamnl — team network device Netlink interface tool

       teamnl [-p port_name] [-a array_index] team_device command [command_args...]
       teamnl -h

       teamnl  is  a  tool  enabling interaction with a team device via the team driver Netlink interface. This tools
       serves mainly for debugging purposes. Note that it makes no sense to use this tool to change options  on  team
       device controlled by a teamd instance.

       -h, --help
              Print help text to console and exit.

       -p ifname, --port_name ifname
              Select per-port option of provided interface name.

       -a index, --array_index index
              Select array option of provided array index.

       ports  Dumps team ports.

       option Dumps team options.

       getoption opt_name
              Gets option by selected name.

       setoption opt_name opt_value
              Sets option by selected name.

       monitor opt_style
              Monitors  changes  made  to  options,  ports  and  interface information. Style can be either "changed"
              (default) or "all".

       teamd(8), teamdctl(8), teamd.conf(5)

       Jiri Pirko is the original author and current maintainer of libteam.

libteam                                               2013-04-01                                            TEAMNL(8)