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CrowdStrike Outage Exposes Windows Risks: Why Linux is the Better Choice

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On July 19, 2024, a significant incident underscored the vulnerabilities of Windows for mission-critical tasks. A CrowdStrike sensor configuration update caused system crashes and blue screens of...

LFCS - Virtual Machine Management

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Now that we can create Virtual Machines (VM) on a Linux system, we need to manage those VMs.

We will cover controlling VM installation, controlling a VM, resource monitoring, snapshots and...

Mesen on Ubuntu: Emulating and Upgrading Classic NES Games

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Mesen is a Nintendo emulator (NES Em backwards). The program emulates NES, SNES Game Boy (Color) and PC Engine ROMS. This is for Ubuntu 20.04 and above.

Not only is this an emulator, but it also...

Creating Custom Presets in HandBrake for Better Video Encoding

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HandBrake is a powerful open-source video transcoder that allows users to convert video files into a wide range of formats. While its default settings are sufficient for most basic needs, creating...

Understanding and using the alias Command

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Back in the old days of computers, I remember running DOS 3.3. I had a folder named 'batch' that included all the 'shortcuts' to perform commands by a batch file. Of course, the 'batch' folder was...

LFCS - Creating Virtual Machines in KVM

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Now that we have installed the Kernel-based Virtual Machine (KVM), if you have not done this then see LFCS...

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