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Discussion in 'General Linux' started by Talon, Aug 17, 2012.

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    Aug 6, 2012
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    Hello All,

    I have just begun my transition from windows to Linux,
    using Linux Mint 11. To that end I purchased a box with
    said OS completely installed, but with respect thereto,
    I have immediately encountered a problem:

    I have an Alltell (Verizon) modem which I have always
    used with windows, but the installation program for
    that modem is an EXE file.

    Come to find out, Linux Mint apparently does not know
    how to handle an EXE file ( and I certainly do not)
    for the purpose of installing an application.

    Since I have no internet connection, absent a modem,
    I cannot go searching for suitable products from
    my new box (I am currently using a friends laptop
    to post this).

    Thus, is there a way to execute an EXE installation
    program from within Linux Mint directly? Through a
    quick search on this borrowed puter I have discovered
    that Wine works as an emulator on Suese (SP?), but
    does it also work for Linux Mint?

    Alternatively, is there a modem and installation
    program that I can buy that will effectively work
    in Linux Mint?

    I appreciate any and all suggestions on this issue.
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    Issues with Verison

    First off that software only works on Windows. But you should be able to access the internet via wireless or with a cable from the Alltell to your computer. If Verizon requires specific login to access the modem and the internet, then please see this article:

    By the way if you want to run Windows program (EXE is an executable - a program that runs under Windows), you can install WINE.

    Good Luck.



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