What Ubuntu Can Take Away From The Raspberry Revolution

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    While the $25 Raspberry Pi is turning a million eyeballs, Canonical’s incessant attempts at conquering non-Ubuntuers don’t seem to be working out as hoped or planned. Even though Shuttleworth, Canonical’s benevolent dictator, has decided to go all out in order to reach his 200-million mark as early as possible, the efforts are still visibly falling short. The recent announcements including Ubuntu TV and Ubuntu for Android have created some buzz among the non-Linuxiens, it’s still nothing compared to what Raspberry Pi has achieved in such a short span of time. Not only has Raspberry given users an affordable computer, it also has started a revolution like the iPad did with tablets. And, instead of looking at TVs, tablets, and smartphones, this is the model Ubuntu should look to emulate rather than running around in a thousand directions.



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