Web administration console for Squid 3.2x

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    It is true that it is difficult to find Open Source projects that provide a real Squid Web administration interface
    Here it is a real Open Source project that should provide this topic.

    Artica For Squid is a user-friendly Web ajax administration console that try to provide all necessaries needs in a company.

    Users/Categories/Web sites statistics and for several years
    Proxy.pac full administration.
    Url filtering with more than 6.500.000 categorized websites.
    Proxy monitoring
    ACLs management by UserAgents, MAC addresses.
    Time management
    bandwidth management

    There are several other features...

    How to use it:
    You need a Free system :

    You can install Ubuntu yourself and use the installer binary here :

    You can also download the ISO (both 32/64 bits) on SourceForge

    To obtain more informations and for support needs, there is a dedicated Forum:

    Here are screenshots of the project.


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