VPN tunell to SSH tunell jump

Discussion in 'Linux Networking' started by Tinuviel, Jun 8, 2012.

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    We used to have connection like this:
    pc1(windows) --ssh_tunell(SOCKS5)--> edge_server(linux)--> local_network with server A and page example.com

    So after configure pc1 I was able to see example.com on it thanks to ssh tunnel

    Now it is a bit different:
    pc1(linux) --VPN_tunnel(L2TP/IPSec)--> VPN_server(linux) --ssh_tunell(SOCKS5)--> edge_server(linux) --> local_network with server A and page example.com

    I can brows internet via VPN tunnel on pc1, ping VPN server local (virtual) IP - so connection from pc1 to VPN server is ok
    I can get to example.com from VPN server - connection from VPN server to edge server is ok.
    I can't get to example.com from pc1 - something is wrong

    I was trying to configure firefox proxy with VPN server local virtual IP or with external IP but it is not working. I think that I should somehow forward all request from pc1 to vpn server not to it's internet interface but to ssh tunnel but I don't now how. Any help?

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